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Tuesday, September 29, 2015


I finished these 2 recently...
Both in manual mode.
I like manual, but do need to deal with my wonky SR problem. 
I've already emailed Amy at APQS & warned her about it.
I'm a wimp when it comes to fiddling around with Lola's insides. 
Feather practice
More Christmas stash busting.
I think that may be the last Christmas flimsy. 
Unless there is one under my Kaffe flimsy. 
Who knows?

I've also bound 6, yes, that's SIX, quilts, since my Syrian Refugee quilts.
The feather practice one above is already bound & on the guest room chair. 
(7 if you count the one I did in exchange for knitting aid.)
PS I still do not enjoy binding. 

Tonight we shall celebrate Jenns 30th birthday early. 
A birthday gift for my daughter in law.
A scented candle & a giftie for Motherhood Maternity!
Little Nugget is now the size of a peach.
Jenns been working her a$$ off lately....hope she likes what I got her. 
I won't be here on the actual date.
I'll be in a sunnier location....
Checking out the newly opened Flash & Sew Quilt Store that is only 4 miles away.

***spread kindness like confetti***

Friday, September 25, 2015

Quilt Magazines

I'm not sure if it's me or the magazines that have changed. 
I'm not feeling the patterns they are printing.
Such big honking blocks with very little detail.
And, worst of all, there are so many square quilts in these publications now. 
Let's be honest...anyone can invent a cool looking square quilt. 
Easy peasy. 
What I want are useful quilts.
You know, the kind that fit beds.
Or cover your lap just right. 
I want magazines to figure the yardage for these kinds of quilts. 

I understand that these patterns are written to showcase & sell new fabric lines. 
There are some pattern designers making awesome patterns. 
Like Claudia and her work for Island Batiks. 

Why can't we get just one good pattern in every issue?
Thank you for listening. 

I leave you with a pic of my new, old iron.
It's from the Vermont Country Store.
It costs very little, gets very hot, solid sole plate and has no steam.
It also hasn't got auto shut off...which is a rocking feature to omit. 
It won't last forever, but that's ok. 
(this is my 3rd one in as many years)
For me, this is the best iron. 
Although I do enjoy my cordless Panasonic for use on Lola, this is a lot cheaper and I use it a lot more. 

***spread kindness like confetti***

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Vets, Gas Masks, Dreadlocks & SEX

Today was Alvin's big test.
Last night, I dreamt they wouldn't give him the ultrasound cause I didn't shave my legs. 
I'm officially the crazy cat lady. 
My eyes were barely open when we left at 6:45AM for Cornell.
(i took this pic cause when I got in the car to leave, I couldn't remember if I'd applied my eyebrows)
Alvin was crazed with hunger, as he had to fast since 8 last night for the test. 
The Dr & tech were both very nice.
So was Alvin.
After the indignity of having his belly shaved, 
he rather enjoyed lying on his back for 30 minutes having his newly exposed & rather plump belly rubbed. 
(He would've preferred to forgo the gel application, but he adjusted)
He was actually purring thru most of the exam...the Drs were surprised by this.
I don't know why...I had informed them that he was non-confrontational.
Maybe they weren't listening. 
It seems that Alvin has a few issues, but they appear to be non specific. 
That Cornell educated vet loved to say non specific. 
Which, I'm fairly certain translates to "who knows?" in Meglish. 
She thinks he has IBS, which is good news for Alvin.
(I think it's BS, but I'm no Cornell grad) 
Its also good news for the Reliable Carpet Cleaning Company of Liverpool, NY. 
But, I digress. 
I'm waiting to get a call from Stacy, my vet, for instructions on the next step. 
While I'm happy he isn't full of cancer, I'm less than thrilled with the prospect of continued retching & its aftermath. 

We were done at Cornell by 9:15. 
I drove over to Quilters Corner & parked out front, awaiting it's 10am opening. 
Anyone who says otherwise is a liar....or stupid. 
I grabbed a chai Tea Latte and settled in with Al for some people watching....
I was reminded how fun people watching can be, especially in college towns. 
A man ambled by, arms waving, wearing a gas Mask...
the black kind with the round eye windows...
just like in the old school scary movies. 
Why didn't I snap a picture, you ask?
I was too busy choking on my latte. 
After that sighting, I was unimpressed by the Tin-foil antenna headband wearer, dreadlocked garbage pickers, unicycler and everyone else. 
Let me remind you this was before 10am on a Thursday morning.
I knew what I needed...
So, SEX it was. (StashEnhancingXperience)

Here's what I scored at Quilters' Corner...
I realize it's a meager sum considering the shop, but Alvin was in the car waiting for me. 
And even though the temp was in the 60s and he was in the shade, the sun was bright.
I shouldn't have rushed, he was asleep when I returned. 
We drove back and I fed him as soon as we got in.  
It took a few minutes, then he inhaled his kibbles.
Then proceeded to spew it on the kitchen floor. 
At least it wasn't on the carpet. 

I think I'll stay home the rest of today.

"Spread kindness (not kibbles) like confetti"

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


How about some for prayers for Alvin.
He's been sick on & off all summer.
He never lets me out of his sights. 
I finally broke down and went to the vet. 
I just couldn't keep waking up to a crime scene every morning. 
It's hard enough to get out of bed!
There are also other symptoms too gross & sad to share. 
His blood work is within normal range, but he's lost 2 pounds. 
He's still 'obese', but I thought he was thinner.
2 pounds is a lot when you only weigh 15 lbs to begin with.
The next step is an ultrasound. 
We're headed to Cornell early Thursday for the scan.

When did I become that crazy cat lady?

***spread kindness like confetti***

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Quilts for Syrian Refugees

Quilts with bindings.
Now there's something you don't see everyday.
These 2 quilts are heading to Germany to help those poor Syrian refugees we've been hearing about. 
My friend Susan owns the local yard shop here in town. 
She and her knitters are making blankets to send over to help these poor folks.
I'm hoping she can include these in her shipment.
If not, I'll ship them myself to Claudia Pfiel...she's organizing a Quilty effort as well. 
Either way, that's where they're going. 
They aren't the most stunning quilts.
But, they're warm.
And there are kids over there who are cold.
The backs.
I just love those silly owls. 
I practiced meandered feathers on the pink quilt. 
The bright one is just loopy loops. 
Neither quilt was done with the stitch regulator...
I'm liking working in manual mode more & more. 

I had intended to shelve these quilts for gifts. 
Or perhaps Project Linus. 
This is a much better option.

Friday, September 18, 2015


It's just beautiful out today. 
I just took this off the frame....
Non stitch regulated meander....my favorite. 
Easy peasy...no planning...no hesitation...free movement...no stress.

This is another of my Christmas stash busting quilts. 
I'm proud to say I have only a little more than 2 yards left. 
Which, after the red & green overload I've had this year, will most likely be donated to SWFQG. 
If I never see another Christmas fabric again, I'd be ok with that. 
That's a pipedream, though. 
I have 3 more Christmasy flimsies to longarm before this marathon is over. 

I think I'll take a break from it and do a few of the baby quilts I have in queue. 
But first, a nice walk.
With the best dog ever.

There won't be many more days like this in CNY. 
Make it a good one. 

****spread kindness like confetti****

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Biggest News Ever

Well, I've been busting with excitement most of the summer.
But I wasn't able to tell anyone.
I just got the OK today to share this most awesomest news....
My shiny new daughter in law is expecting!!!
And she's having a great pregnancy, too. 
Except for being tired, she is hosting this miracle like a rockstar. 
And I think my Herman is supporting her well, too. 
He'd better be...😰

You know what this means?
Yes, I'm going to be a Maizee!
And Murray is going to be a Pops!
We are both thrilled...
Although I did better keeping the secret.
Which is shocking, really. 
I'll finally have my very own Nugget to wrap in the afghan I knit 5 years ago. 
And to wear the sweater I knit 4 years ago. 
(I'm not a great knitter, but, it's the thought that counts)
And think of all the quilts I can make...
And all the shopping I can do...
I've already done some shopping....shocking, huh?
And will continue til March 19, when we get to meet our sweet, little Nugget. 
I think it's a girl....
Isn't she just the most beautiful baby you've ever seen?
She looks very intelligent....
And athletic...
And artsy...OMG!  
I'm sure she's going to like quilting & crafts....
She will be the first Quilty, Nobel Laureate, Gold Medalist US president....
This is going to be great!

***spread kindness like confetti***

Sunday, September 13, 2015

I thank God for my life...For the Stars & Stripes

On 9/11, Murray and I were married for 33 years. 
I'm not sure how that happened.
Surely it can't be 33 years ago that we were these kids 
This whole aging thing is very mysterious.

Anyway, we made some drunken decisions regarding our Anniversary when we were n Floriday back in February. 
Usually drunken plans don't turn out that well.
Not this time...
We drove to Ann Arbor on Friday.
We dined at The Earle with Sherry, Mike, Laura & Rex. 
4 quality people and delicious food. 
I had duck....the waiter said it was what they were known for & no one rose ordered if. 
Although, I will remain very choosy about ordering duck, cause I have had disgusting duck.  
Laura had scallops...yum.
Sherry had whitefish...again, yum. 
I love these people.

We stayed with Sherry & Mike.
They're home is so beautiful & full of love. 
You can't help but feel good there.
And buzzed..yes, I spent most of the weekend buzzed...but that's for later. 
Barb & Tim arrived late Friday. 

Saturday morning, after I gorgeous breakfast, the guys went golfing. 
So, what else could we do?
After a CHILLY walk, we went shopping....first for wine.
Let me recommend The Rock cab sav....I managed to suck down quite a bit of this. 

Then to Viking Sewing Center....
Let me say, Barb had never been there so I felt she should.
I wasn't going to buy anything. 
That's one of the funniest things I've ever said, isn't it?
Of course, I immediately ran over to the Kaffes and with Sherry's help, managed to find these beauties.
Kudos to Sherry...she isn't even a quilter but she can shop there.   (Mike may never forgive me for introducing her to the wonderful world of Minkee)
Did I NEED the new Kaffe...probably not.
Could I leave WITHOUT them, apparently not. 
Science should study my brain post mortem and figure out WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN THERE,
In my defense, they do have a great Kaffe selection...but, still...I'm pretty sure I have an affliction. 

Then, we hit TJ Maxx. Lalalalalalala
It was cold in A2, so all 3 of us bought something to keep us warm. 
Barb got a cute navy sweater. 
Sherry got a great creamy tan suede number and a  warm colored oversized scarf. 
I got a cool colored oversized scarf. 
We needed these to look great with our stud dates...
And to keep warm in The Comerica Park luxury box for Zac Brown Band!!!
Yup, Mike was able to pull these tickets pit of his a$$!
I stepped in a huge pile of awesome friends...just sayin'. 
What a great concert....I ate, drank wine & danced the WHOLE time. 
My legs were cramping all the way home today in the car. 
Murray & Mike managed to consume quite a bit of GG with a twist. 
Thank God for our designated driver.
ZBB did most of their best hits...
And had a kickass Motown tribute....
Red Hot Chili Peppers, Metallica & Queen covers for good measure...
I think we may have been at the best concert of their entire U.S. tour!
This is Murray's favorite band, he loved it. 
We all did.
It was a great 33rd Anniversary spent with awesome folks...
I'm a lucky lady. 

On top of all this, we found a great babysitter for Frannie. 
'Life is good today'

****spread kindness like confetti****

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


I like a meander.
It's low stress, quick and very durable. 
I can do it without my stitch regulator so I don't fatigue as quickly. 
It also is what I consider 'quilty'...I love how it looks on anything. 
It's my go to allover. 
I have mucho Christmas flimsies that I made last winter. 
Here's one I just finished longarming using a loose meander. 
I made up the piecing pattern for this...it started out as a layer cake. 
It was easy peasy and I like how it turned out. 
I'll use this pattern again when I want to see large pieces of fabric in a modernish design.
I used white thread on top & navy on the bottom. 
And QD 70/30 batt...which is not real puffy. 
Lola was a very good girl...no pokies at all. 
I haven't any definite plans for this quilt, but I'm pretty sure it will be a Christmas gift for one of my kids. 
Unless I decide to keep it. 

**Spread kindness like confetti**

Monday, September 7, 2015

Labor Day

We had a real nice weekend. 
Barb & Tim & Lexie came up.
(No Lexie pics, she had her head in the candy dish all weekend...trust me, she's still adorbs)
The guys golfed everyday. 
B & me hit Slaneateles on Friday & Mission Rose on Saturday. 
I may or may not have acquired some new textiles.
Mission rose is getting good again...thank you Quilty gods. 
We spent some time in the studio....I finished a flimsie & longarmed another Christmas flimsy.
We ate well...very well.
2 nights here...one night at Francescas thanks to B&T. (Seafood Riggies for me..oink...oink)
Sunday, we were joined by our newlyweds. 
Murray grilled steaks perfectly, & the grill potatoes were yummy.
Jenn brought a strawberry pie...😋
As if this wasn't enough....
Look what Tim made for me!
My very own quilt rack...I wuv it!
I still squeal every time I see it....
He fashioned it after a quilt rack we saw in our Brucefest rental....
I've wanted a display for my quilts for so long....
To have one handmade, specially just for me....well...
He even hung it for me!
Here I am, posing with Gepetto, aka Tim, and his creation.
Thanks, Tim.
I'm thrilled!

Stay tuned for some REALLY BIG (non Quilty) NEWS IN THE NEXT WEEKS!

***spread kindness like confetti***

Thursday, September 3, 2015


I've had no time for quilts, which is a problem. 
I have many flimsies that need Lola-fication. 
Christmas...Kaffe...Baby quilts. 
Here's my favorite of Them...
I finally gathered the nerve to cut my Kaffe...
Well, some of my Kaffe.
I had been experiencing tension issues....
Now, I'm wouldn't know what the tension is like. 
I miss quilting. 
Here's why....
We went to Brig for a long weekend...
It was so fun...sand and cards....no quilting, tho.  
Yesterday I helped baby fix up his room for this school year. 
We had a great summer with him....I'm sad to see him go.
But I enjoyed spending the day with him.
I love this young man...so very much. 

Tomorrow, Barb & Tim arrive for the weekend. 
I might get a bit of sewing in with Barb....ya never know. 
I'm trying to organize and reduce the 'stuff' here in NY. 
I've spent days on this...ugh.  

I'm sure I'm forgetting lots, but, oh well.
I'm trying yo consistently blog, not be perfect. 

*Spread kindness like confetti***