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Monday, August 29, 2016

God Bless The Nugget

Yesterday was Avy's Christening. 
She was absolutely perfect all day. 
She was so focused on Fr Bill it was eerie. 
Almost as if she knew what was going on.
She's so teeny...irresistible. 
Phils mom was able to attend, which was so special. 
A shot of all the Fazio kids 
My sisters Meem & Janey came up for the big day, too.
Love my family.
Especially the wee one. 


Wednesday, August 17, 2016

NICU Quilts

Last night was the SWFQG meeting. 
I picked up 3 NICU flimsies from the charity table. 
I quilted them up on Lolita tonight. 

 The backs...
That green elephant with the bird on his head.....please?

Kelly services the NICUs at all the NYC hospitals. 
She's told me some stories that are so heartbreaking. 
The things these tiny babies & parents endure is hard to believe. 
And thier strength is overwhelming. 
If anyone needs a quilt, it's these young families. 

Earlier tonight I had a FaceTime with Nugget.
That baby is the apple of my eye!
She's fascinated by the iPhone, so her big, beautiful eyes were focused on the screen the whole time. 
And her hair is growing in.
And, she looks kinda like my Herman. 
Only petite
And girlier.
I haven't seen her in weeks, which makes me a little sad. 
Working on these NICU quilts tonight made me feel better. 
And so grateful for my healthy, perfect granddaughter. 

There's a stunning full moon tonight. 
Maybe that's why I'm so emo. 

Remember the kindness. 

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Blue & White

I like a lot of color, so 2 color quilts are hard for me. 
But, I'm trying. 
It has to be scrappy. 
I'd fall asleep working with only 2 fabrics. 
I've been collecting blues with a nautical/beach theme for a couple of years. 
I decided to cut them up yesterday when I arrived in my paradise. 
I originally thought I'd make Philadelphia Pavement blocks. 
I made 2....
These will join the orphans for sure. 
Since I've been crushing on Churn Dash lately, I decided to go that way. 
Here they are on my kick ass design wall. 
Much better. 
Plus, the ocean churns, which will make for a good name for the finished product. 
I'm not sure if I'll do positive/negative or add a different block. 
I'm going to sleep on it. 

In other news, I fixed the guest potty today. 
It was running so much that Gateway Water called us in NY. 
I replaced the flapper. 
By myself. 
Well, Leland showed me how but I went to Hone Depot, bought the right part & remembered what he told me. 
I guess I'm a plumber now. 

How awesome are the Olympics?
Michael Phelps and Simone Biles are machines!
I usually do not enjoy watching sports, but the Olympics are an exception. 
Must be my ADD tendencies are satisfied by the variety. 

Be kind whenever you can. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Texas Beach Bums

Here's a photo recap of a fun week with my Texas family. 
Bub, Baby Bub, Amber, Nico, Stella, Megan, Rob, Cezel, Amy K, Kelly, Jim, Phil, Mimi & Ms Pat
A whole week together of Laughing, Beach days, Boardwalk, ice cream, surfing, paddle boarding, golf and way too much eating & drinking. 
I love my family.
Remember to be kind. 

Quiltweek Syracuse 2016

Sadly, 2016 is the last Quiltweek Syracuse. 
AQS has decided not to return. 
I think they tried too get too big.
And greed played a part, too. 

Anyway, my friend Gail had a quilt in the show. 
So she came and went to the show with me. 
It was an ok show. 
My favorite quilt was Karen Marchettis Lucille Ball quilt. 
No pictures...I was too busy gabbing with Gaily. 

Prickly Passion

I love this quilt!
We took a longarming class with Linda Hrka. 
She was a very good teacher. 
I'd take another class with her. 
Gail was a better student. 
She quilts on her DSM, but she's a natural with a longarm. 
Too bad she has no room for one. 
Gail turned me onto machine quilting many moons ago. 
It was great to spend a Quilty retreat with her.