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Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Fair

It's been a bad week.
I've tried to blog about it, and I will, eventually.
It involves mice.
And insanity. 
But that's another post.

Tonight, after golf, Murray took me to the Fair. 
First we had a cocktail, or 2, at the Dark Horse. 
I had a Tavern Burger w/ bacon & Swiss, no roll.
(Low carb...except for the cosmo(s)
Murray had the Fried Haddock. 
And GG on the rocks, with a lime squeeze. 
Who can resist a lime squeeze?
The fish fry there is OUTSTANDING. 
Actually, everything at DHT is outstanding. 
Food, dumpy atmosphere, and especially the staff. 
I just love these kids. 
Dark Horse is my favorite CNY dining. 
Hands down. 
They are remodeling over Labor Day. 
I pray it will keep the same feel. 
And menu. 

Then we drove over to Shoppingtown Mall for the bus to the Fair. 
(Whomever thought Shoppingtown was good name for a mall was an idiot.  IMHO)
The bus is a great option...it drops you off AT THE ENTRANCE. 
This crazy guy was across from us on the bus. 
He kept pumping his arm saying "we LOVE the fair"
His wife, or date, was embarrassed. 
I found him hilarious!
Apparently, there was quite a scandal regarding Los Lonely Boys and their appearance in Chevy Court. 
I missed the breaking news, but that's ok.
I can read. 
We saw the quilts...which were marginal. 
These are my 2 favorites. 
Sorry about the photo quality. 
We saw a sign for trains, which Murray likes, so we went in. 
It was a carnival theme. 
So cool.
All of the rides were mechanical. 
I loved it. 

We went into the dairy building to see the butter sculpture and
Our crazy bus friend, still as enthusiastic as ever. 
If we'd have stayed longer, I bet we would have seen him again. 
Too bad, he was fun. 
That's me, with a wine slushie, in front of the butter sculpture. 
Murray and me at Chevy Court...for Owl City. 
2 cosmos and a slushie. 
Or yeah. 
Depends on your perspective. 
Owl City in Chevy Court. 
They were actually pretty good. 
Murray...I love him!
On the way out, a jazzy saxophonist. 
And a selfie on the bus ride back to Shoppingtown. 
Who named it Shoppingtown?
So stupid. 

The Fair was fun. 
I'm thinking about taking Mimi & Ms Pat on Sunday. 
If baby boy doesn't come home. 

Friday, August 30, 2013


In the interest of full disclosure, this has been hard for me to write.
Really hard. 
Especially since I am trying to put a jolly spin on it. 
It's taken days. 
And many breaks. 
And deep breaths. 
Just FYI. 

I have a phobia. 
Yes, I do.

I have a completely irrational fear of mice, dead or alive, when they are in my house or very close to me. 
In the last SEVERAL days I've.....
Jumped onto coffee tables.
Produced blood curdling screams. 
Had terrifying nightmares. 
Locked myself in my room.
Scared my beloved Frannie. 
Been afraid to open cabinets. 
Imagined noises. 
Washed and/or vacuumed everything in sight.  
Including Frannie. 
And Al.
And that's just what I'm admitting to. 

Just typing this has my heart racing. 
(And there hasn't been a mouse in 2 days. 
I'm pretty sure we found the point of entry.)
My head says 'get over it'. 
But I can't. 
A tiny, little mouse. 
A friend of Cinderella. 
A scary monster. 
I've gone batty.

For perspective....
I have not sewn one stitch for fear a mouse might be in the studio. 
I told you this was serious. 

The kicker...I have only actually seen a mouse once. 
And I only saw the tail.
Hanging out of Alvin's mouth. 
Making a horrible noise. 
I also saw blood.
That was after Alvin had taken care of things. 
I now view the master bathroom as a crime scene. 
I've seen Murray chasing them.
And he's told me about them.
That's all I needed to become unhinged. 

If I 'think' I see or hear one....well, I react as badly as if it was crawling up my arm. 
I'm driving everyone nuts. 

I looked on line. 
The cures are not fun.
I can't hardly imagine letting a mouse crawl on me. 
No, ma'am.
I think I will go with the status quo. 
Deranged agrees with me.

It's crazy, right?
Actually, I'm crazy. 
I always knew it. 
Runs in the family. 

I am certifiable. 

Thanks for listening. 

My hero....
Trust me, there is blood on those cute little paws. 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My design wall

It's a bento box marathon over here. 
I'm making them as gifts for some very special people.
Recipients will be revealed as their quilts are created. 
This black, white & yellow will be given to my whippersnapper of a workout buddy for her 50th birthday in September. 
Note: I love the word whippersnapper and rarely get to use it.
I hope she likes it.
Her DH told me yellow is her fave color. 
Glad I asked...I would've guessed lime green. 

Monday, August 26, 2013

3280 yards...

...of So Fine 50# medium gray thread.
used for piecing.
since July
That's a lot of piecing!

Something about the end of a thread cone really makes me smile.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Close..but no cigar

Well, it's been on my list of things for a long time. 
Adopt an adult dog...
Give back. 

I went over to the local rescue.
Looking for a small dog that could travel with me easily. 

I found this guy...
And immediately fell in LOVE. 
Not small.
But OH MY GOSH...he spoke to me. 
And followed me with his eyes.
He was surrendered by a family with his younger brother. 
They wanted to keep them together, if possible. 
So, I watched on line.
Last week, his brother got adopted. 

So, I went back.
Three times. 
Walked him and talked to him. 
Snuggled and loved him up. 
We even named him Clem. 
He's so sweet. 
And needy.

But he's not really what I was looking for. 
Nor is the timing just right..especially for a larger dog. 
I have so much traveling to do in the next months. 

So, I had to walk away.
Jimmy gone...
No Clem...
Not a good weekend for me. 
But it's the right thing. 

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Sophomore Year

'How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard'. WTP

He's gone. 
It's officially sophomore year. 
For both of us.
I dropped him off yesterday with mixed emotions. 
In the middle of Obamarama, of course. 
Because we have always had impeccable timing...NOT.

Emotion 1.
God forgive me, but my strongest emotion is relief!
This summer was a challenge for me. 
I wanted so badly to tell him everything I think he should know. 
I want him to be happy. 
And successful.
And safe. 
And responsible.
And open-hearted. 
And open-minded.
And charitable. 
And content. 
And grateful.
And tidy.
And sober.
He wanted to party. 
And sleep.
And drink chocolate milk & black cherry smoothies with chicken sandwiches & pistachio nuts.
Which I completely understand. 
His first commitment-free summer of his entire life. 
His one and only stint as the 'pool boy'. 
It was hard to watch...
The relief comes in that I still have my baby, in one piece, with no criminal record.

Emotion 2.
This needs no 'splaining if you've met this kid. 
Or any of my kids. 
Fun-loving, kind, smart, family minded, responsible & so stinkin' cute!
They are awesome.

Emotion 3. 
Knowing that each time he goes away, he'll be different when he returns. 
He'll be more like himself...
And a lot more grown up...
And a little less mine. 
I know, it's what I've been working towards all these years. 
But still...

Emotion 4.
Proud of him...for obvious reasons. 
And me...for helping him be him.  
And surviving the process. 

Emotion 5.
For what the future holds.
A wedding.
House shopping. 
Murray time (after the golf is over)
Family time. 
Perhaps a rescue?
And that's just what I know about!

Two Sophomore Years...
His at school.
Mine in an empty nest. 
I think we both will be great!

There is one more emotion...
But I'm not going there!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Quilters Attention Deficit Disorder
I have it. 

I'm all over the place.
There's this...which is a huge undertaking that I hope to actually finish this year. 
This delicious combo I made....which is tempting me to start yet again...
This repair...if it wasn't Ozzie, I'd be really mad. 
I'm still pretty peeved this happened, tho.
All these bindings....ugh, I do NOT enjoy binding quilts.
Flimsies everywhere waiting for Lola-fication...
One is not even mine...but it's calling for custom.
Scary shit!
We shall not bring up these....
Or these...
And that's not all, but I'm tired of taking pictures. 
Maybe this post should be called 'True Confessions.'
Seems I'm always distracted by something....a new fabric combo, a new pattern, new technique. 

This condition could also be called a lack of self discipline, but QADD makes me feel like its not my fault. 
On a positive note, I have not bought much fabric this year. 
Much being a relative term, of course.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Claire does the Atlantic

J9 & Claire came east last week. 
What else could I do but go and find them?
I was lucky to get a sub at Francis House and spend the week. 
Thanks Sue!
And they're off!
Yup, she got the beach gene. 
She took a real shine to "Pheel."
It was mutual. 
John, Emily & Jim made it down to meet her.

I think she liked them. 
Group shot. 
Ocean City Boardwalk fun...
For the young & young at heart. 
'Preme' came to the beach...a rare occurrence. 
Never enough beach time.
Busy busy...
Papa time!
Lotsa Laughs 
The Beautiful Bourhill Broads 
'twas fun!