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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Dan's Graduation Quilt

Jimmys good buddy Dan graduated from Virginia Tech in May.
He's like family.
I love that kid. 
I pieced a churn dash quilt for him in Florida. 
I had every intention of quilting it sooner. 
But when I got home, I got busy. 
Being Mayzee
And Mom
And Mrs Murray
And the Orlando quilt happened so I had to meet that deadline 
And I was starting to get a social life
I'm nipping that in the bud 
Excuses Excuses
Anyway, I finished quilting it today. 
I used my longboard swirls cause I hope he'll use it a lot and it's a sturdy design. 
I used batiks, Blues & Oranges cause he loves Syracuse athletics. 
And we live in Syracuse & I want him to come visit us. 
And Virginia Tech colors really don't speak to me. 
Don't judge. 

Here's the front
The back is a brown paisley. 
Let's see how long it takes me to get a binding on this puppy.

When he finally gets it, I hope he likes it!


Friday, July 22, 2016

Laura & Zac

Feast or famine. 
Usually, my social calendar is pretty much empty. 
I like it that way. 
Imagine my surprise when I wound up having 2 things in 1 day. 

Laura, an awesome friend from my Ann Arbor life & mom to one of my favorite people, retired in April.
To kick off her new life, she decided to bike her way across the USA.
I snapped this picture while I was waiting for her in the lobby of her hotel.
Look how far she's ridden!
Just looking at this makes me tired.
From San Francisco to New Hampshire. 
On a bike
Like a 2 wheeler
With no motor at all
Just her legs
I can't imagine
Anyway, she stopped in Liverpool yesterday. 
I figured she'd be passing thru here, so I contacted Hannah and was going to surprise her. 
The surprise didn't happen cause she remembered we lived nearby and texted me.
We were thrilled to see her.
She looks fabulous. 
I think all this pedaling agrees with her. 
Murray & I took her to Santangelos for some delish Italian. 
And great conversation about her journey.
Twas fun.
We're trying to arrange a pilgrimage this fall for a UofM game. 
I hope it works out.
I'd love to see Rex, and hear more awesome stories of her journey. 
And drink more wine with her. 
Safe travels!

After we dropped Laura off, we caught the 2nd set of Zac Brown Band at the new amphitheater.
It was a nice venue. 
There was a spectacular sunset over the water. 
But it was dusty.
And hot. 
ZBB did play some awesome covers.
Baba OReilly, Jack & Diane & Lets Go Crazy. 
The Who, John Mellencamp, Prince. 
Great choices Zac. 
It's a good thing they do good covers cause Murray is obsessed with going to thier concerts. 
And how much 'Toes' can one girl take?

Remember the Kindness

Thursday, July 21, 2016


The Orlando MQG is collecting quilts for the victims, families & survivors of the Pulse tragedy. 
They suggested a block, and requested rainbow colors.
I decided to donate. 
It's finally finished!
The front...
And back...
I'm so glad I participated.
It was really a healing experience.  
All this violence has been taking a toll on me.
This quilt made me feel like I was helping in some small way. 

My friend Barb sent me 6 blocks, which allowed me to make a big snuggle quilt.
I had used the backing fabric in a previous quilt and really wanted it for this project.
I was so happy to find enough to construct the back. 
I quilted it with fans cause I thought it resembled a rainbow shape. 
And I used a solid black binding to show respect for those who lost their lives that horrible morning. 
I'm shipping it off to OMQG in the hope that an aching heart will get some comfort from my work.


Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Aunt MJ is 80

We spent the weekend in NY/NJ.
Friday night, Murray, Kelly, Jimmy & I went to the Yankee/RedSox game. 
It was so hot.
And the Yankees lost. 
Jim got on the Jumbotron.
It is now officially the Jimbotron. 

Saturday, we celebrated aunt MaryJanes 80th birthday at the Brownstone in Paterson. 
The venue was beautiful.
The food delish. 
It's hard to believe that RHONJ people run this.

But the best part was seeing family. 
Mary Jane is Mimi's godmother. 
She still keeps in touch with friends from the 6th grade.
Her grandkids & great neices & nephews.
Jimmy, Claire & Kelly
I love all my cousins, but Jeanne is my favorite. 
A group shot.
I thought of my mom & dad a lot.
They would've been so happy to feel so much family love. 
I think they were watching, smiling from heaven. 

My aunt is rocking 80. 
She looks great, has a loving & devoted family.
And, she's managed to stay hip and fun. 
Good for her!


Monday, July 18, 2016

Aunt Janey meets Nugget

On Wednesday, my sister drove up from PA to meet the Nugget. 
They became friends right away. 
It's so fun to show her off!
She's so sweet. 

It was a quick trip, but we managed a bit of retail therapy before she left. 
Janet left Thirsday, but I will see her again in NJ this weekend. 


Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The return of Barbgello

Barbgello is back!
Only this time, she's hanging in a museum in Allentown!
Here's a picture of Barb, and her Barbgello. 
I got credit on the write up. 
Tim says this makes me famous. 
I see so many longarmers get furious when their clients don't give them credit for thier work at shows and exhibits. 
I never have had that problem. 
I only quilt for friends, cause I'm lazy. 
And I wouldn't care if I didn't get mentioned, cause for me, it's about enjoying the process. 
But, I must admit, it does make me feel good that my friend acknowledged my small part in this beauty. 
Congratulations, Barb!

After MANY practice pieces, I've loaded my #quiltsforpulse quilt onto Lola-baby.
Lola has been a very good girl, I think she's happy I'm here. 
Hoping to get my mojo back....the summer is hard cause I'm here with my peeps. 
And it's nice out. 
And I'm a Mayzee.
Excuses...I'm full of them. 

Remember Kindness!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Black tie-ing it

Sorry...No quilts in this post.

Murray and I attended a black tie wedding. 
It was a blast. 
My friend Susan was MOG.
Having just been a MOG myself, I felt for her. 
The nerves, not being in control of anything, what will the best man say, will everyone have a good time, etc etc etc.
She came by in the morning and had her makeup done by one of Aurelia's friends. 
All the fellas were at her house getting ready. 
She was a tangle of tenseness, a mimosa helped. 
She looked gorgeous!
Too bad I didn't get a picture of her in her dress.
Truth is, Murray took all the pictures. 
I was too busy watching everything. 
Thanks, Murray. 
The ceremony was in an old church in Pompey. 
The bride was stunning. 

These 3 looked so sweet, and turned into dancing machines at the reception. 
At the church, we had champagne & sushi on the lawn following the ceremony. 
It was Jimmys first bartending gig.
I didn't get a pic of that. 
I also didn't get a pic with Miss Mary, my favorite bridesmaid. 
The reception was at the newly renovated Hotel Syracuse Grand Ballroom. 

They have a very romantic story.
The groom sang a love song to the bride...not a dry eye in the house. 
Such a beautiful couple!
More than half of the guests were from Australia. 
It was interesting to see the different customs.
Aussies love to drink & make speeches. 
We had a great time!

Monday, July 4, 2016

Hens Night & Nugget

No quilts in this post. 

I went with Susan to NYC to celebrate her future daughter in law, Michelle. 
The city is really spectacular. 
I had t been in quite a while. 
We had a bite at the Rte 66 diner....
I thought of mom winning on Regis with #66. 
The night had a 70s theme.
They had a company come in and we acted out parts. 
Susan was a florist & I was a 'Carol Brady'.
The bride and her Grandmother, Judy. 
Nancy. Susan & Alex. 
The bride with 2 of her Australian buddies. 
Table shot at dinner...MIUSA. 
Nancy, Susan, Miss Mary & me. 
Blue eyeshadow...looking scary. 
Sunday morning, we walked off the party. 
Central Park. 
Horse drawn buggy...PURPLE!
Columbus Circle
Then a lovely & delish brunch at Nancy & Michaels. 
No pics, but they have a delightful place and are great cooks.

The wedding is next weekend at the newly renovated Hotel Syracuse. 
I had a great time. 

On the 4th, I got to celebrate with my Nugget. 
She has no idea how happy she makes me.
She's rolling over at 3 months...yikes!
Here's a video..
And loves to eat. 
She's just perfectly adorable. 
I love being with her. 

I'm trying to motivate myself to hit the studio. 
It's hard when the weather is so nice.
It's freezing down there as the air conditioning is on.
Basement studios are poopy, especially in the summer. 

Kindness folks!