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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Murray's visit

Murray whisked into town for a few days...
Last time I saw him, he was a year younger.
It appears age hasn't slowed him down.
Here are the highlights.
A soggy sunset cruise with Mimi & George followed by dinner at Cactus Jacks.

A trip to The Minnesota Twins Hammond Stadium w/ George, Bruce & Jimmy.
Spring training game vs The Yankees.
(I skipped this)
A trip to Port Charlotte to see the one and only Miss Claire.
Golf, of course.
(Full disclosure, this is a NY golf shot.  I don't golf with him so I had no pics)
Liver!  Lots of it!
And he said he'd never play again in a losing tantrum.
A bike ride into enemy territory (Fenway South) with a Casa Lupita chaser.
And WAY TOO MANY out to eats!
This man loves to eat out....I can't keep up...all this food makes me sluggish.
Not to mention...FAT.
Italian, Mexican, Boulevard Tavern & Longhorn to name a few. 
I'm looking forward to a few days of mild starvation.

He sure packed a lot into his 5 days.
He leaves today...its freezing....56 degrees this morning!

And a Happy 97th Birthday to the best man I've ever known.
I miss you today and everyday, Daddy.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I joined

Well, I was getting a bit lonesome down here all by myself.
I was talking to my BQFF, Gail, and she told me to put on my big girl panties & join the local guild.
She was right.
It was time.
And I would meet gals with the same interests.
And quilters are usually very nice.
So, I did it.
I joined.
And I'm so glad I did!
And, a bonus...
I'll be taking Judy Neimeyer classes in April.
Thanks, Gaily!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

March 10

Five Eight.
Murray turns 58 today.
Hard to believe?
Not really.

He's worked hard.
He's played hard.
He's had lotsa success.
He's had many accomplishments.
He's had a few failures to keep him honest.

Yes, my Mur has much goodness from his 58 years.
More than most, I'd guess.
3 great kids.
A successful career.
A golf game that's improving.
Country music.
A dolphin experience.
An ESPN app on his beloved iPhone.

Here's to many more birthdays for you, my love.
And more years together.
Maybe even some under the same roof in a sunny spot?
I love ya, Murray.
I wish you were here.
Happy Birthday to you.