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Friday, February 26, 2016

Not Much

I haven't posted in a while. 
I've been busy...
But I can't exactly say what I was doing. 
I can, however, account for today. 
I drove to Naples & hot a quilt show. 
It was a good show, I enjoyed it. 
I even took a picture, but they asked it wasn't posted on the net. 
I will oblige since I'm seriously considering joining the guild. 
Could I be becoming a joiner?
No, not me. Powell, maybe where quilts are concerned. 

After the show, I narrowly escaped running out of gas. 
Then, I played cards with my sisters. 
Patty leaves in the morning for Port Charlotte. 
No more cards. 
No more shopping company.
Double Poo!

When I came home, I did this.
And attached it to some dots. 
It's loaded onto Lolita
I had to piece the batting, too. 
I was quite productive tonight if I do say so myself.
(Did I need a comma in that last sentence?)
I hope to quilt it tomorrow, bind it & send it to my Nugget. 
I would love for her to be wrapped in one of my quilts to come home. 

And, in case you were wondering, here's the latest pic of my Nugget. 
She's hiding her beautiful face. 
I wish they'd stop all these ultrasounds and let her be. 
No, I don't.  
I wouldn't be able to see her beautiful face.
I think she looks like John.
He wanted to stay in my belly indefinitely.
And once he came out, all he wanted was snuggles and sleep.
And food, lots of food.
I'm sure if we kept looking at him, he'd have hidden his eyes as well.
Anyhow, she'll be here very soon.

Choose Kindness.
It's always your best choice. 

Friday, February 19, 2016


Here are a few of Avy's (my Nugget) choices.
The back
I may have over quilted this.
OK...I did over quilt it. 
So, shoot me. 
This flimsy was incorrectly cut. 
A hot mess, indeed. 
I used a Minkee backer to make it better. 
I should've added batting.
But, I thought the Minkee AND batt would make it too hot. 
So, shoot me.  
I want my Nugg to have lotsa choices. 
I've got a few more, but they aren't bound yet. 
I'm trying to make myself bind quilts by not blogging until it's done. 
Probably not gonna work, but it's worth a try. 

My person is here. 
He's been golfing & drinking Stella's. 
Obvi, he's happy. 
It's a short trip, but we're making the most of it. 

Frannie has a big sore on her leg. 
Obsessive licking.
She's so nervous. 
Do they make canine anti anxiety meds?
Maybe I should mix wine in with her food?
Or vodka?
No, vodka with a twist. 
She's too refined for straight up booze. 
God, I'm weird. 

Keep kindness.