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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2015 Pick a Word

I've been sick!
Awful, snot nosed, sleepiness sick.
For ELEVEN days. 
And I'm still not better. 
I feel I've been bitten by a TseTse fly or something. 
I'm not often sick, so I'm not very good at it. 
There is a bright side though.
I've had LOTSA time to ponder my 2015 word. 
And, so, on this NYE 2015, I have my word.
Locked, loaded and ready to share.

<<<<insert drumroll here>>>>


  1. 1
    the action of consenting to receive or undertake something offered.
    "charges involving the acceptance of bribes"
    synonyms:receipt, receiving, taking, obtaining More
  2. 2
    the action or process of being received as adequate or suitable, typically to be admitted into a group.
    "you must wait for acceptance into the club"
    synonyms:welcome, favorable reception, adoption
    "her acceptance into the group"

Acceptance in human psychology is a person's assent to the reality of a situation, recognizing a process or condition (often a negative or uncomfortable situation) without attempting to change it, protest. The concept is close in meaning to 'acquiescence', derived from the Latin 'acquiēscere' (to find rest in).

For me, this will be difficult.  I'm always trying to fix everything. I like everyone to be happy.  Or blame myself for thing beyond anyone's control.  Or take responsibility.  It's all about smoothing things over.  I made it work for many years.  It was how I mothered, daughtered, sistered, friended and 'wifed'.  But lately, since the kids have grown and moved on, it's a burden. I can't fix anything anymore. And, no one wants or needs me to fix anything.  No one but me, that is.  I need to learn to let go and let life happen.  I have to trust in Gods plan, karma & fate.  I'll be happier for it.  And so will everyone around me. 

Also, I do not accept compliments well.  Or gifts.  I over thank everyone for everything.  Sometimes I wind up tripping over my embarrassment or gratitude.  

And, I need to be confident in my quilting and accept I am good at it. I've taught myself a lot over the last few years.  I'm not the best, but I am pretty darn good. 

Yes, I have much to work on...this will not be easy. But it could be life changing. 😁 Wish me luck.

And to all of you, I wish a healthy, happy 2015 spent with those you love and hold dear.

I leave you with a Christmas/wedding picture of me with my sweetest loves...
           The greatest gift of all is love.  

God bless...keep kindness. Happy New Year. 


Friday, December 19, 2014

Catching up

I've been a bad blogger.
Life gets in the way sometimes. 
I had a great week with Barb. 
Of course, it was LAST week.
Better late than never. 
Tom was away, so she brought up a flimsy to finish herself on Lola. 
Lola was pretty cooperative. 
And while she was here she ordered herself a new Lucey!
She's going to love it.
And be frustrated.
And excited.
And scared.
I'm so happy for her!
She brought Lexie, who is quite the sweetheart.
And she used my longboards to finish this number. 
Berries in the Orange Grove...and, yes, I found the lime green backing. 
(Well, it's not really a true lime, but it's close enough)
I found it I n my studio, on the shelf with wide backs. 
It was a scrap from another quilt from a few years back. 
No shopping was necessary. 
While Barb was here, we had a CNY fall blizzard. 
I'm sure you can imagine how heartbroken I was that she had to stay. 
And she got to meet Jenn at Herman's 28th bday dinner.

In other news, Frannie & I have decided on a name for our boy.
Introducing Stitch McDuffy. 
We are over the moon and can't wait til he can come to live with us.
Well, maybe Frannie can wait, but I know she'll love him to pieces. 
She just doesn't know it yet. 
After all, she loves this idiot....
And when he first moved in, she wouldn't even look at him. 
Frannie is...well...my bestie. 
We're going to love raising our new baby together. 

I also bound 3 quilts. 
Yes, 3. 
As in, THREE.
One is a gift. 
2 are unclaimed so far. 
Although both look pretty good right here on the family room. 
Finished quilts, though rare in these parts, are a thing of beauty. 

I hope to blog again before Christmas.
But, I might not...so....

I'd like to wish you all a peaceful, love filled day doing what makes you happiest with those you love. 

God bless!
And don't forget the kindness. 

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Celebrating a Sweetie

Today is Herman's 28th birthday. 

With many wonderful memories of my buddy...
And much to look forward to...
I'm so blessed I call you my son.

Happy Birthday, John.
I love you everyday. 

Monday, December 1, 2014

Cyber Monday

I was hoping to win 50% off at Stonehouse Quilts. 
I've been wanting to try Lisa's Proline rulers. 
I didn't get the extra discount. 
Everything was 15% off, but that wasn't a good enough deal for me.
Thinking back on it, I'm glad I didn't get that extra discount.
I probably won't like the ruler anyway....I'm not a big ruler fan. 
And then, I'd have to sell it.
And I hate having to sell things. 
For instance, I just recently sold my micro handles. 
I sold them to a woman on the forum.
At the time I said I'd sell them to her, I didn't know she lived in Canada. 
When I found out, I figured...how hard would it be?
It was a PIA!
The currency conversion, customs forms, packing...ugh. 
Never again. 

In other news....
Come late January, early February, Frannie & I will be welcoming a new baby.
This should keep me occupied all winter, don't you think?
4 days old...isn't he cute?
I got first pick...and picked this fella.
I want a smaller pooch to take with me on the plane for my short trips.
I did not enjoy being dogless down there.
And, the breeder is a quilter. 
Meant to be. 
I'm taking suggestions for names. 
If you've got a good one...lemme know.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Oink Oink

I've been a bad blogger.
All I've done for a week is pork out.
It started at Francesca's for the bday over a week ago. 
And then, it was Thanksgiving.
for 10 days, the consumption was ceaseless. 
I've also had lotsa wine. 
& Baileys Irish Creme.
Delicious during the gorging.
Post chow is sluggish & gross. 
Tomorrow, it's back on the wagon.
I have a plan.
I will send all the leftovers & pie back to school with baby tonight. 
Next week, it's fruit, veggies & fish.
And no wine or Baileys.
Well, maybe a little wine.
I can't decorate the tree without libations. 
My inner grinch won't allow it. 

There has been a smidge of sewing...
There's this...
And this old thing...
D cups
Graffiti quilting. In the blue
Neither is finished.
Just call me underachiever.

Next week...less swallowing & more stitching.
And I have to decorate the tree.
Unless you think I can get away with it as it is now.  
Probably not, huh? 

Be kind.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


15 pounds of potatoes to be peeled & turned into make ahead mashed potatoes for Francis House Thanksgiving Feast.
Liz was having trouble finding someone to make them.
Now I know why.
All this, the day before I'm hosting an early Thanksgiving celebration.
And I'm working the 8-12 tomorrow...
Looks like we'll be eating late.
You can't fix stupid.

Look what Barb sent me for my birthday.
I sat in my kitchen & cried when I opened it. 
At least I managed to land an awesome friend. 

Baby comes home tonight for the weekend.
It's feast or famine with that kid!
I bought a nice Beaujolais to sip while I await his arrival.
I'll need it. 


Monday, November 24, 2014


I've been a busy girl.
I found a thread booker of epic proportions on Barbs quilt, so I fixed that. 
I put hook swirls on Lesa's 2nd Spark Quilt.
I forgot to photograph it before I rolled it.
Here's a pic of the back, already rolled for delivery. 
Yesterday was my birthday.
Phil took me to the Bloody Mary bar in Skaneatles.
Susan & Robert joined us.
Friday night we had dinner with John & Jenn at Francesca's.
It was delish.
I was supposed to visit my bubbly this weekend in Massachusetts. 
She got sick, so she cancelled. 
Phil did a great job making my weekend special.
I'm a lucky girl, indeed!

I spent today preparing the house for the Thanksgiving Festivities. 

Kindness folks....

Thursday, November 20, 2014

A Driveby & a Finish

Well, almost a Driveby...
My babiest baby...
The apple of my eye...
My naughty boy...
The Fazio grand finale.
I haven't seen him in months.
It was just quick visit to pick up a suit & tie.
But it was so wonderful to see him & get a hug.
We also got his hair did.
The girls LAX formal is this weekend.
Why does this make me emo?
Cause I'm weird. 
But that's already been established. 
Should I rename my blog 'the weird one with threads on her clothes'?
If I do that, I might attract an unseemly audience. 
Better stick with the status quo.

Since I was feeling tender, I hit the studio in an attempt to settle myself.
I wonder if I'm going to be one of those old ladies who's always crying and never knows why?
God, I hope not.
I think I finished Barbs beauty.
Doesn't Barb makes the prettiest flimsies?
I still have to review it and make sure I got everything. 
I learned a lot with this quilt...mostly doing the border.
It was a worthwhile project, but I'm glad it's done. 
The border was mitred, and there was some unevenness in it. 
I was able to smooth it out using the ribbon candy filler in the diamonds.
Thankfully, she had a larger outer border so she can trim it into square. 
I love it when a plan comes together, especially unplanned plans.
Actually, most of my plans are unplanned. 
Especially my Quilty plans.
Creativity and planning don't live harmoniously in my world. 
6 1/2 bobbins in that pup...where does the thread go?
If it's really done...and no do overs are necessary, it's T minus 1 more quilt til unlimited Claudia playtime. 
And Lesa's will go much faster.
It's modern, much smaller and she wants minimal quilting. 
I wonder if I will get a German accent from all that Pfeil Pfun I'll be having?
Ya never know?

Parenthood tonight....on the previews, it looks Zeke gets sick again.
Have a good one...

And please, remember kindness.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


I've been tense lately.
Since I returned from Florida. 
Now I know why.
I was seriously stressed about my eye doctor visit. 
I've got a genetic predisposition to serious eye issues.
That's scary for anyone.
Especially a visual girl like myself. 
Today was the day.
It went great. 
First of all, there was this....
Einstein, 14 YO lab mix rescue who is the docs assistant. 
As my sister said, that's the only reference you need !
She's a doll...he says if he goes into the room of a non dog person, she won't go in.
She senses it and waits by the door for him to finish. 
Obviously, she came right in to my room.
She reminds me of Belle, my sisters dog. 
Then, after a myriad of tests, I found out my pressure was within the normal range!
Monumental news, since last time (different dr) I was slightly elevated. 
I seriously had to hold back from crying (big girl panties, meg)
Just weird me...obvi I didn't realize how this had been weighing on me.
It makes sense, everything I love to do requires vision.
I guess I'd never thought about it.
I really should try to think on things more. 
That probably won't happen, though.
Anyway, I danced out of that place!
It didn't even bother me that I had to wear sunglasses in the gloomy weather. 
It didn't bother me that I had to act like a rockstar & leave them on in Wegmans. 
(I make fun of people who wear sunglasses indoors)
He did say my eyes are VERY dry. 
If one more medical professional uses dry as an adjective for me, well, I may scream!
I'm officially titling my postmenopause 'the anhydrous years'
He couldn't believe I wasn't complaining about it. 
He told me to use artificial tears. 
I just tried them. 
They're awesome.
Get some. 

It's cold here.
Frannie is in a fireside coma.
A good day all around. 

Keep kindness. 

Monday, November 17, 2014

Back at it...

I finally felt better today,master wasting the whole weekend recovering from my tests. 
Now I remember why I was avoiding the doctor. 
In celebration, I  braved the mouse issue & hit the studio. 
I was halfway thru with the swirling on Barbs Beach Party, so I finished that. 
Then I had to face the borders....
When we talked, I mentioned egg & dart.
I wasn't feeling good about that...my swirls are just to organic.
I thought we needed some straight lines.
So, here's what I did.

I first marked a line on the outer edge that made the green borders the same size. 
Then I used adding machine tape to determine how big the diamonds would be.
Then I marked dots to hit so the diamonds would be relatively uniform. 
AND I USED MY RULER...DeLoas Castle worked great. 
After I had the diamonds stitched, I put ribbon candy in them.
I then took the quilt off the frame and turned it so I would be using my ruler the way it's most comfortable for me.
(Remember, we are only passing acquaintances, my rulers and I. 
Therefore, we have trust issues.)
I got one more done before calling it a day. 
But the last one is marked, so it should go fast. 
I still don't know what I'm going to do in the corners. 
And I think I've got to echo the diamonds...but I'll decide that after the corners are done. 

The weather has been crummy.
I've been home a week, and the sun has been out for a total of 4 hours. 
These 2 know how to handle the gloom.
Frannie is finally over being mad at me for leaving her. 
She was giving me the 'evil eye' til yesterday. 
Could it be my luck is changing?
Pray for sun.

Remember kindness.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Let the Good Times Roll

I made this unneccasary purchase at Trader Joes yesterday.
The merriment continues....
Today, I went for some blood work, a tetanus shot, bone density test & mammogram.
All I wanted was the tetanus shot.
But, you know how it goes. 
It has been some time since I visited a medical professional.
Im pretty sure they will call me back for an ultra sound on the udders.
Apparently, I have cystic mammilla.
They told me that when I was in my 30s & they were certain they 'felt' something. 
I was put through test after test, revealing nothing.
After all that, they informed that I had very dense, cystic breasts, but was, indeed, fine.
Perhaps this has something to do with my avoidance of all things medical?
In fairness, it's not that.
I just don't like to be told what I should do.
And doctors are, well, bossy.

I would like to share with you my thoughts during my 'cold pressing'
I thought of cows & men the whole time.
First, the cows.
You know, the cows in those huge dairy barns who are hooked up to those milking machines. 
How barbaric for these poor girls....twice daily to endure such degrading discomfort. 
It makes my switch to Almond Milk seem socially responsible.
Second, the men.
What do you think the chances are that they put the treasured weenie in a vise in the name of early detection?
There has to be a less arduous, more decorous way to do this.
If men were undergoing such persecution, the movement to improve the technology would be monumental. 
On top of that, my arm is sore from the bloody tetanus shot & I have a bulging bruise where they drew the blood.
No sewing for me today.
The bone density test went well, though.
shall now cease grousing. 
Is grousing a word?
It is now. 
At least it is keeping my mind off the rodent situation.

I stopped at JMichael after my trials...for comfort.
In my world, shoes are comforting.
And it's cold.
And snowy. 
And not sunny, green, balmy, blowing palm fronds-ie.
Did you know Toms are making fleece lined moccasins now?
They're delightful...& sparkly.

If I'd had a brain in my head, I would have taken a lesson from these 2 and just stayed in.
They know how to peacefully pass the cold, snowy CNY days in warm comfort.
Currently, it is 74 & Sunny in Fort Myers.

Be kind to one another.