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Friday, April 22, 2016

Murray turns 60

On March 10, my Murray turned 60 years old. 
Here are some pictures of the fun.
I was waiting to write all about it. 
But haven't been motivated, so the pics will have to do. 
Don't judge. 


Saturday, April 2, 2016

Quilt Update

I've been neglecting my blog. 
But, here a visual recap of my Quilty life.
At least part of it. 
I've really got to be better about photos. 
^^^my pimped out seam ripper^^^

There are others...but they have been released into the wild. 
Oh well.

I have no idea what all this underlining is about.


Nugget is here

I'm a grandmother. 

After an awful flight, and I do mean awful, I finally got to meet Nugget. 

Did I mention I'm a GRANDMOTHER?
Never to be called Granny, Nana or any of that. 
I shall be Mayzee.
It sounds more fun to me. 

I never was a grandmother before. 
It sounds weird, but I love it. 
Little Avy is too cute for the room.
She is teensy!
Has beautiful skin.
And gives the best snuggles. 
She seems to be a content little Nugget. 
I got to hold her for hours yesterday. 
I love her little squeaky noises.
And her silly faces. 
And the smell of her head. 
And her sweet little hands.
And her mouth. 
And I love to swoop her hair into a curl on top of her head...
Kinda like a Mohawk, only wispy and adorable. 

I pray one day we will be besties. 
And that she will love spending time with me. 
I feel so lucky to call her my granddaughter. 

In other news, upon returning home after my first Nugget visit, I washed my face.
While patting myself dry, I discovered a GRAY CHINHAIR!
Of course I did. 
As if chin hairs weren't bad enough, they have to turn gray?
God is definitely a man. 

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