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Saturday, September 21, 2013

More Bento Box Fun

And now this combo.
I will make 2 with these fabrics. 

Perhaps I will use a purple backing....
Why, you ask?
Cause I love purple, of course!

A beautiful day

Yesterday, Murray skipped out of work early.
He came home, picked me up and we went golfing.
What a ham!
Look at that blue sky.
The leaves are just beginning to change. 
Set again.
(Actually, there were about a million shots of 'set', but I will spare you.)
I didn't complain once.....
On the outside.

On the inside....
I was griping the whole time.

I am the epitome of self restraint!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Oh Em Gee

The saga continues....
It was a sad day at Francis today. 
It's so hard to watch families say goodbye to their loved ones. 
The stoic ones always get me. 

I came straight home after working my shift.
It's an absolutely gorgeous day here.
Not a cloud in the sky, breezy, dry air...
PERFECT....made to order kinda day. 

I grab my zero gravity chair, a Fresca, Frannie & Alvin and head outside to sit in the sun.  
It was me, my pets, the sun and the chirping birds.
Tried to call Patty back, no answer. 
I must've nodded off.
I woke to a squeaking sound. 

Is that Alvin under the patio table with 2 legs & a tail hanging out of his mouth?
Of course it is.
A bloodcurdling scream, (I'm pretty sure my neighbors will be calling the psych ward any day now)
I run to the back door. 
Alvin followed me.
No, Alvin, you will be dining al fresca.
I ran to the garage...locked. 
I keyed in the code...
Close the doors, windows and blinds. 
It was close, but I managed this without soiling myself. 

Phil's phone is on the fritz...I had to call his office. 
The secretary answered...
Of course she did...
I tried to sound sane...
Epic fail.

I'm back on the chair with my feet up.
Alvin is outside. 
Phil's going to call me after his meeting. 

I gotta get over this....
It is completely irrational.
Do you think they have mice at the sanatorium?

Monday, September 16, 2013

God Help Me

I hit the studio today.
I was straightening up a bit, and I noticed Alvin was sitting on the futon staring at the ceiling. 

Of course, I ran upstairs and got in the car.
Once I was safely off the property, i pulled over and texted Murray. 
He just came home and checked the traps. 

This makes a total of 4 mice in 3 weeks. 
Why is this happening to me?

Kudos to Alvin...we should've named him Radar.
And even though I know he's got it covered....
I'm inconsolable.
That sick feeling in my stomach is back.
And my heart is racing. 
And I'm sitting with my feet up off the floor. 
I'm scared of my house again.

Murray is resetting the traps as I write.
I think we need to move. 


Sunday, September 15, 2013

A finished quilt

News flash!
A minor miracle has occurred. 
I have finished binding quilt almost one week before I need it.
If you know me, you understand the significance. 
I am not fond of binding quilts. 
Actually, I hate it. 
I am usually binding them in the car on the way to the party!
I have even given one half done and had to take it home to finish. 
I never said I was classy. 
Just a simple bento box in black, white & yellow. 
Loose meander..Hobbs 80/20. 
45x60...lap size.
I have another similar one, pieced & quilted, but it's not bound. 
I'm in the midst of a bento box marathon.
I have 6 more to go.
For some seriously special ladies & one for charity.
This is finish number 1 in the series. 
It was fun photographing it. 
I hope she likes it. 
Stay tuned....

Saturday, September 14, 2013

A visit from Barb

Barb emailed me a few days ago.
Her cousin needs a lung transplant.
She had this gorgeous flimsy and wanted to donate it for a raffle at a fundraiser for him. 
Could I quilt it for her by the first of October?
Just a simple all over. 

Sure, bring it up and I'll quilt it while you wait.
So she did.
It was great to see her.
Barb is a wonderful person, inside & out. 

I love how it turned out...
Those swirls are so easy and they ALWAYS look great. 
Done in 2 hours.
Lola was a bit moody, but not too bad ... 3 thread breaks. 
Hobbs 80/20 batting. 
Rainbows green variegated thread, magna glide purple bobbin. 
And a gorgeous batik back.
I hope it makes some money for the cause. 
I'd love to win it. 

Thanks for letting me quilt it for you, Barb!
And for the yummy DHT dinner. 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Back at it

I decided to get over myself and hit the studio.
I miss my craft and am not happy when I'm away from it for too long. 
If I see a mouse, I'll just run upstairs. 
Actually, I'd probably scream and stand on the nearest chair, crying, until Murray gets home. 

I was in beast mode today.
I did a loose meander on TWO black, white & yellow bento boxes. 
Then I finished piecing this Eleanor Burns pinwheel wall hanging. 
Susan wanted me to teach a beginning quilting class at her shop. 
I thought this might be a good project, but it's too hard for beginners. 
But I'll like to have it or patriotic holidays anyway. 
I'll have to figure something else out for the class. 
Maybe a churn dash ....  We shall see. 
I also sewed a few more colored bentos for the next round. 
I'm pretty sure I won't be doing anymore bento boxes for a while after all these are done. 
Especially black and white ones!

It was fun to get back to creating.
I'm so glad I got over myself. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Happy Anniversary...Never Forget

September 11 brings up so many emotions for me. 

It's my wedding anniversary...
Yup, in 1982 I married Phil on this very day. 

At the time, this day had no other significance other than my wedding.
It was a hot, humid day way back in '82. 
My biggest worry was my hair frizzing in the un-airconditioned Checker Cab that my my BIL Bruce drove us around in. 

Fast forward to my 19th wedding anniversary. 
We were living in Ann Arbor, 3 kids later, life was busy.
Phil was traveling to DC that morning for meetings. 
I was a bit peeved that he'd be missing our day. 
When he left at 5 am to catch his flights, I admit I was feeling sorry for myself. 
I rolled over and went back to sleep.
After getting all three kids off to school, I made some tea and flipped on GMA. 
I rarely turn the TV on when I'm home alone, but, for some reason, I did that day. 
Like every other American, I was glued to the news coverage. 
And I completely panicked when I heard of the Pentagon disaster. 
Phil was there...or on his way.
Was it his plane?
Where was he?
I tried calling his cell, and of course, all circuits were busy. 
The kids were calling from school, asking about him.
I had no answers. 
I kept trying his cell...nope.
I found a note on the table. 
As I read it, I wondered if he'd had a premonition.
This was only the 2nd such letter he had ever written to me. 
A short while later, the doorbell rang.
The most beautiful fresh flowers from him.

I was so scared for my kids and me. 
Would we ever see him again?

I spoke to my sisters and friends, and they all assured me he would be fine. 
I called Walt, at his office, to try and find out what I could. 
He said he'd try to get a hold of him and tell him to call. 

And finally, just before noon, the phone rang and I heard his voice. 
He was safe. 
He was nearby the Pentagon and heard the plane go overhead. 
He said they were figuring out what to do. 

He was traveling with Ken, a great guy who retired from GM before working with Phil.
They wound up getting a car and driving home. 
Late that night, they randomly stopped in PA to sleep a bit. 
No vacancy. 
All the hotels were full of federal agents. 
They had stopped nearby the crash site of the 4th hijacked plane. 
You know, the one that the passengers took over. 

I was so happy to see him the next day. 
We all were. 

And now, on our 31st anniversary,  I'm still happy to see him at the end of the day. 

Life has ups and downs. 
So do marriages. 
I'm glad we've made it through. 

Happy Anniversary, Murray.
I love you.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Sophia does CNY

Sophia came to CNY for the weekend. 
It was her first trip to Nana's. 
I'm Nana. 
I introduced her to the wonderful world of bacon. 
I think she will always love me for that. 

Then, she was off to John's house for his annual Michigan football/Emily's birthday bash. 
I think she was a hit. 
It was good to visit with Kelly, too.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Mimi & Pat's Excellent Niagara Falls Adventure

Pat has never been to Niagara Falls. 
Mimi & I hadn't been in a while. 
So, off we went. 
We stayed at the Fallsview Marriott on the recommendation of a friend. 
We arrived late in the afternoon. 
We grabbed a bite at Outback.
Then sat in the lobby bar and played cards. 
The other guests were fascinated by this. 

We signed up for a tour at 9 the next morning.
We couldn't have asked for a more perfect day. 
Tony was our guide. 
He took us....
Behind the falls. 
The hallways are kinda spooky and very damp.
You can go outside if you want to get very wet. 
The falls are so powerful.
Then a nice view from Table Rock.
A restful and informative driving tour.
Our hotel
A stop in one of many gorgeous Niagara Falls parks.
These parks are all maintained without tax dollars!
The rapids at the gorge...the fastest rapids in the world. 
Hard to see how beautiful it is!
We saw the floral clock, but only from the bus. 
That was enough. 
Then went to the Butterfly House. 
My sister loved it and so did I!
Pat, not so much. 
Over 2000 butterflies!
In a house in the middle of the most gorgeous botanical garden!

After returning to the hotel, we got in the car and headed to Niagara on the Lake. 
What a gorgeous spot.
We ate at an Irish Pub.

Mimi wanted a salad, but ordered liver & onions, of course.
What is it about my sisters and ordering food?
Clam bellies..now liver & onions?

We even took a spin on the WeGo bus.

There were lotsa laughs going thru customs on the way home. 
Actually, there were lotsa laughs the whole time. 
There is always lotsa laughing with Meem.
Its true, there's nothing like the laughs you get with a sister. 

I've learned...Niagara Falls is a lot more fun with my contemporaries than it is with school children. 
And, I think Clive might enjoy a long weekend at Niagara on the Lake. 
They say the Christmas decorating is exquisite up there!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Mimi & Pat's Excellent Upstate Adventure ... Part 1

I mentioned the Fair to Mimi & Pat, and they seemed interested. 
Swear to God!
So, I did what I had to do.
I took them to the Great New York State Fair. 
The bus was uber-crowded. 
Its air conditioned, and we got seats, so we were fine. 
I love these two....my card playing buddies. 
And good sports about obnoxious photos for my blogs. 

I thought we'd sit at Chevy Court and listen to the Happy Together performance. 
And be...well....happy together. 
Maybe check out the Butter Sculpture, since we three are such art enthusiasts. 
As a rule, long walks in hot, steamy weather are a no no in Mimi's world. 
Apparently, this rule has one exception. 
Live Animals. 
So, off we went. 
First, to the Butter sculpture. 
Then to the dairy barn. 
Adult cows and calves...so bloody cute!
Next stop, the horse show. 
Impressive animals, indeed!
One of the riders was actually wearing sequins. 
The only male rider won.
Moving on to...
Who knew my sister loved swine?
Now we know. 
Best of show...Abigail. 
She was one pretty goat!
A Sudafed break, of course.
All that hay makes for a sneezy Mimi. 
A beer, hot dog and onion rings...
And then, 
His name was Jeff. 
The Rooster Crowing Contest. 
They're so much cuter when they aren't eating my plants. 
Angora bunny. Comic!
She can't help herself. 
Now that's a fresh egg!

There were guinea pigs, too.
They resemble mice, so I skipped that row. 

Next stop....Niagara Falls!