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Friday, November 29, 2013

Turkey Day Recap

Thanksgiving Breakfast of Champions...beer & pancakes.
Football...I could've lived w/o this part.
But not w/o this part.
The food turned out well.
The boys loved the sausage stuffing. 

We played Monopoly & Trivia Pursuit.
I won both games...Lucky game day for me, indeed!
We wore Ozzie out. 
I missed my girl, but was thankful for Meggan's familys generosity. 

Hope you enjoyed your gratitude day.

Phil & I are heading to the Manlius Theater to see Philomena this afternoon. 

Who would want to go shopping?
When family time is so much better.
Not to mention, you could sustain serious injury. 

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

I'm counting my blessings today.
There's Murray...
Kelly, John & Jim...
My 3 seesters and all their peeps...
& my brudder & his peeps...
The in laws...
My wonderful friends & neighbors...
All the great kids in my life (many are adults now)...
Cousins, aunts & uncles...
Fun memories of those who have gone...
A warm house on this snowy morning...
And of course, good health...

I could go on & on...
But I've got cooking to do!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


I'm sorry if I offend anyone with this 'humor'.
But, right now, I find it spot on.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Sexiest Man Alive?

It is undeniable that Adam Levine is a hottie...
But Justin Timberlake is smokin' hot.
He is more versatile, more proven, more talented, and, MUCHO CUTER.
What were they thinking?

I feel this is an injustice.
A crime against (female) humanity.

People Magazine is wrong.
I may not even buy this issue. 
Ok.... I probably will.
But just to see who else is in it.

Thank you for listening.


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A special finish

I'm always surprised by random timing.
I've been procrastinating Barb's sampler for eons.
I finally just loaded it in an attempt at ending my inertia.

Something about this quilt was harder than any others. 
It was a chore to make myself work on it.
I wondered if I was losing my enthusiasm forlong-arming?
But as I plodded along, the work got easier. 
This quilt helped me nail continuous curve. 
My classes with Deloa and Dawns 'build a house' advice clicked all at once. 
I totally can look at a block and cc the snot out of it in one pass now!

But another, way more special thing happened, too.
As I worked, I realized this quilt is very similar to a quilt I had planned to make for my mom.
She passed away before I even cut into it.
I had a small Christmas flimsy I had made for her that took me years to finish.
Once that was done, I donated most of the fabrics I had set aside for moms other quilt. 
It was just too painful knowing I never got it done for her.
(I saved a soft pink for a future granddaughter, just in case)
The guild was full of older women who would put those fabrics to good use. 
I'm glad I donated those fabrics, I don't want to make that quilt.
But I'm also glad this quilt came to me.

Working this quilt, I could feel Mom around me, as I often do.
In my mind, I heard her saying, 'pink is my color, dibblies & cups of tea'.
She was so silly sometimes. 
A job I was 'getting through' had turned into one that I never wanted to end.

I took the long Florida break and got back to it Sunday night. 
She was still there with me.
I finished it today. 😢
I teared up as I laid it out for one last inspection. 
I know she was looking...and approved. 😍

I'm lucky that I still feel connected to my parents. 
And I never know when they will pop up! 😉

Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, November 17, 2013


I flew home yesterday..thru Chicago, O'Hare. 
The flights were so crowded.
Why are the seats so small?
Anyone who isn't fashion model slim is cramped. 
And, if you're tall, it doesn't matter how svelte you might be!
I'm not terribly uncomfortable on planes, but I really feel for those who have trouble fitting. 
And why does everyone want to carry their suitcase on board?
I don't get it. 
It takes about 5 -10 extra minutes for baggage claim. 
Check the friggin bag and make your life (& mine) easier!
And why is all the food in airports revolting and so expensive?
I ordered a chicken sandwich & el presidente margarita from the OHare Chili's during my layover.
These people should be arrested for what they did to my beverage. 
And the sandwich...well, it sucked, too.
I was out $23. and all I got was disappointed. 
When will I learn to stick to Snickers, water & pretzels when I fly?

All this whining is not nice, let me say something positive.
I took my Dramamine in time so the airsickness didn't get me this time.
If you've ever been airsickness, you understand what a BFD this is!

Today's been a quiet day.
Herman came by earlier.
He seems great.
I love having him back in our lives more regularly.

After he left, I hit the studio.
I am almost done with the custom I have on the frame...
A few more piano keys in the border and its a wrap.

Next up...a couple of mindless RWB quilts for Murray's honor flight friends. 
No plan...no stress...just fun!

I'm glad to be home.
But I can't wait to back!
It's COLD here. 
If Lola-baby wasn't here, I might really have trouble returning. 

Friday, November 15, 2013

a winter haven

Don't get me wrong.
I like living in Central New York.
Especially in summer & fall.
The hills & lakes & trees are gorgeous.
My #1 son lives there & I love having him nearby.

But, ugh, the winter.....
it's cold...
& snowy...
& NOT sunny.
Actually, it's downright bleak!
And it's sooo loooong.
Before CNY, we lived in Michigan.
Which is just as bleak, a little less snowy & colder!
Enough with the miserable winter climate, already.

Phil wants to retire somewhere that he can play lotsa golf.
I like warm, sunny weather and beaches. 
So, even tho retirement is still a few years off, we bought a place in Florida. 
It's a small place.
Perfect for the 2 of us.
Phil wants to spend his vacation down here this winter. 
I'm planning on spending most of the winter here.
I'm hoping I get visitors so I'm not lonely.
I've been down here almost 2 weeks now, trying to get things going.
No TV...Not bad.
I've been sleeping on an air mattress...Bad.
No Frannie...HORRIBLE.
She is definitely coming with me for the winter.

It's an older house so there are some repairs/changes that need to be done. 
But, it's coming along.

Did I mention it snowed in CNY last week?
It was chilly here, too....In the mid 70's.
Like Phil says, if we don't like having 2 places, we can always sell.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Janice & a rag quilt

A quick rag quilt for Janice's new granddaughter, Caroline.
I wish I had time to make her a real quilt.
But I just don't.
Rag quilts are usually a hit with young moms.
They don't wear well, especially if you launder them a lot.
And making them is BORING. 
But, they are quick & easy.
And done is better than perfect.
Especially in my world right now.
Busy busy.

I volunteer with Janice at FH.
She's had some ups & downs recently.
Of course the new baby is a major UP.
I've seen pictures of baby Caroline.
Janice lost her golden, Cooper.
She really loved that old dog.
I took Frannie out to her place and we walked them together.
He really was a sweetie. 
I understand her sadness.
When you're home all day, your dog becomes your bestie.


One thing's for sure.
No one needs to tell me to slow down.

Once I actually make myself work on it, it goes fine.
Getting myself there...

I got another row done.
That's something, isn't it?