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Monday, June 30, 2014

Bernie's Quilt

Before I migrated in January, Murray asked me to make him 2 quilts for his honor flight friends. 
He told me they would be given to vets in wheelchairs.
I agreed, and got them done before I left.

He gave one a few weeks ago to a VietNam vet who is not in a wheelchair.
I know cause we had dinner with he and his wife this weekend.
Judging from thier comments, I don't think they liked the quilt.
When I mentioned it was actually designed for a wheelchair bound user, Murray said, "So, make him another quilt, then."
I tried not to react, and ordered another beverage.
I'm not the best at hiding my feelings.
I guess Phil really doesn't get how much of myself I put into these quilts.
John, the vet, is taking chemo soon, so I guess he can use it then.
Or not.

He just gave this one to Bernie yesterday. 
This old guy looks pretty cute.
And he does have it on his lap.
I'm taking this as a success and not asking another question about it. 
This way, I can believe one of them will fulfill it's intended use and has a shot at being loved. 

Sometimes your quilts are appreciated, sometimes not so much. 
The trick is not letting it hurt your feelings. 
Some tricks are harder to learn than others. 

Enjoy your day!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Mr Marvelous saves the day

My washing machine broke.
Of course it did.
I spent THREE BLOODY HOURS sweating my brains out at the laundromat.
It's a very humid, still 93 degrees out today.
Of course it is.
Even in the best if circumstances, I do not enjoy doing laundry.
Perspiring in a steamy laundromat is a completely unacceptable way to spend a Sunday morning.
Tell me again why I came back here?

Oh, now I remember...
It's this guy...
Mr Marvelous, the apple of my eye.
Herman is painting his 3 season room windowsills after having new windows installed.
His place looks great.
Full disclosure...it's all his girlfriends doing. 
But, that's ok....at least it's happening.
It's nice for me to think of him living with someone who cares enough to respect his property.
And him.
Especially him.

Ozzie came to spend the day here so he wouldn't be in the way.
Or get covered with paint.
Or who knows what else?
After the grueling laundry outing, I'm so happy to have Ozzie here for a visit.
He's the happiest pup I've ever met....
And he is so enthusiastic about loving me!
He's irresistible. 
Uh oh....
Don't worry Frannie...it's just a visit.
You're still my best girl.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday Finish

Well, almost finished.
I pieced this in paradise, it was Lolafied today.
It still needs binding, but I'll do that over the weekend. 
I have lots of time.
It's for my daughters high school friend, who is now a mom!
Little Gavin Charles...
He lives in SoCal, so there isn't much need for quilts.
I just had to make him one anyway.
I guess it will be a playmat, or changing mat.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Road to Round Rock

I got home last night, and was in the studio by 10am this morning.
I should have cleaned the house, but I didn't wanna.
(Dusty has taken on a whole new meaning)

Instead, I loaded my Road to Round Rock flimsy and got busy.
This was a quilt along that Judy Laquidera hosted about a year ago.

I missed Lola.
A lot.
I decided over the winter to make myself try to like pantos.
It's so much quicker than FMQ...so I want to use it on some quilts.
The panto is called ground cover. 
I used QD Blend do it would be light. 
Teal SoFine thread with magna glides in cream.
The quilt is all trimmed and sitting in the awaiting binding pile.
Let's see how long it lingers there before it's usable....
There are 6 other quilts in that pile, so at least it's not lonely!
I think Lola missed me, too.
She was very agreeable..not one break and the stitches look great.
No studio tomorrow...it's my first time at Francis House since January.
I've missed that place, and my friends there. 

Hope it was a good day for you.

A Stop In Virginia

When I was a kid, my BFF lived across the road.
It so happened, my moms BFF was her mom.
19 Harding was a happening place.
I loved it there...
When they moved away, I was heartsick.
We've seen each other sporadically over the years...but not enough.
Frannie & I dropped in on them during our northern migration.
Pete and Carolyn were gracious enough to open thier home to us.
Nancy and me...so happy to reconnect. 
Nancy, her hubz Henry & me.
Shamefully I must admit, this is the first time I met the hubz.
Henry is awesome.
Annie & me...84 years young and still volunteering at the Hospital gift shop.
This is a delicious lady.
Nancy, Pete, Annie & Mark...only missing Johnny.
I also got to meet some grandchildren...and all 6 great grandchildren.
Prepare for a cuteness overload....
Erin, (Pete's daughter) holding Lucy and Lissa, (Pete's daughter in law) holding Elsa.
Luca, the only boy...I wanted to put him in my purse and take him home. 
He belongs to Graham and Lissa and is Elsa's big brudder.
Graham, Pete's son, with his mom, Carolyn.  He's married to Lissa and dad to Luca & Elsa.
Nancy & Addy, one of Erin's twin girls...
Erin, Tatum (other half of the twins) and Millie.  
Obviously, the twins are fraternal.
Millie, Lucy and me...I also wanted to abduct Lucy.
Not only is she friendly, she gives a good upper body workout!
But kidnapping is illegal...and I think they'd miss her. 
But I was tempted.
This is Erin and John...parents of Millie, Addy, Tatum and the luscious Lucy. 
4 girls...let's remember to pray for them when Middle School attacks thier young. 
I brought Annie a Quilty hug.
I'm happy to report she doesn't need it...she's surrounded by so much love from her family.
I'm not kidding, this is a gorgeous family.
You can feel the bond between them.
Before I knew it, it was almost 10 and I was closing in on overstaying my welcome.
Actually, I did overstay my welcome...but who could help it?
Henry and Nancy came back to the hotel with me.
We chatted til after midnight...and Henry had to work in the morning.
But he didn't complain, just sat there and listened to Nance and I blabber. 
I'm so grateful I had this time with these wonderful people.
I hope to do it again, sooner rather than later. 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


This girl....
Will be so happy to see these guys...
But I still dint want to go....

Friday, June 13, 2014

Oopsie...Friday the 13th

After our walk this morning, I decided I would drive to Miromar Outlets & then to Naples. 
So, I headed out about 9.
Just before I got in the car, I remembered I had nylon undies on.
So, I raced inside and changed into cotton ones.
I'm not fond of blends...I like cotton when possible.

I went to Miromar...Chicos to be exact.
I scored a few tanks and an awesome white sweater...all on sale.
(I'm getting a few things to take North, if I ever go)
Then I strolled around the outlets.
Never went in another store...just leisurely walked all around.
After that, I headed to Naples.
Stopped at Dunkin Donuts for iced coffee for the ride.
When I got there, I decided I would go to Tin City...I've wanted to check it out for a while now. 
A wandered all around Tin City, it's pretty cool.
Before heading to the beach, I hit the ladies room and realized...
The pocket in the back looked just stunning I'm sure.
The seams all showing.
In my haste, I must've put them back on without looking.
OhMyGohd! I bet I'd been in 20 stores and walked miles of shopping alleys. 
Smiling and chatting away...like some kind of lunatic!
I thought they were acting strange in Chicos.
I righted them and carried on to the beach.
(Since I was already without shame, I changed into my bathing suit in the car)
Classy, huh?
The beach was great today, the water is warm and lovely.
I'm home now....
Good thing I don't know anyone down here. 
I suppose, if that's my Friday the 13th bad luck, then I'm pretty lucky.
Ditzy...but lucky.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Fathers Day

Your face never fails to make me smile
How fortunate I am to call you Daddy
You're still guiding me today
Missing you has made me a better person
What I wouldn't give for just one more conversation

Happy Fathers Day, Daddy
I love you eternally

Baby Girl Flimsy

My first, and probably last, shot at improv piecing. 
I'm happy with the result, but didn't enjoy the process as much as I normally do.
I guess I'm a girl who likes a plan.
Soon, I shall take it North for Lola-fication.
Thanks for looking.

Throwback Thursday among other things...

On Facebook, Throwback Thursdays are for putting up old shots. 
I rarely participate, but it couldn't resist today. 
I posted 3 pics of my Dad...the best man I've ever known.
This was my favorite...
I'm not sure why I love it so much....
Old Pete was sure a handsome guy.
Maybe it's the youthfulness...
Or that I think he looks like baby boy in this pic...
Or the leg...
Who knows?
I do know this...I miss this man EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

I took my neighbor Helen to get fingerprinted this morning.
Then we dropped off the CRV for some pre-trip service. 
While the car was worked on, we walked the Edison Mall.
I really like Helen.
She's a native Chinese and she loves to explain and share her culture. 
It's really fascinating to listen to her. 
Back in April, before heading north, Patty dropped a cactus off here that she had in her Port Charlotte rental.
I repotted it and lookie....
New growth!
It definitely needed more space and seems happy here.
Apparently, Florida can turn even the blackest of thumbs green!
Make it a good day!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tuesday Happenings

Lots of little things went on today.
But nothing as exciting as.....
Frannie's trip to the salon.
Pat recommended a groomer, and since her shaving in January, she's seemed unkempt.
Adorably unkempt...but unkempt nonetheless. 
After her spa day, she's sitting a bit taller...
Posing a bit longer...
Every girl loves a mani/ pedi...
Yup...she knows she's looking good. 
She was even high stepping it our evening walk...
We all need a day of glamour every now & then to perk us up!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Sew Steady Table Review

I have a Koala cabinet for my machine in NY. 
It's so awesome, my 440 sits flush in an acrylic insert surrounded by drawers, spool holders and all kinds of Quilty awesomeness. 
I got it at a scratch and dent sale about 10 years ago, maybe longer, back in Michigan.
I remember the day well, I was shopping with Gaily.
I've never regretted buying it, and it's made me a spoiled Quilty brat.. 

I brought my 153 to leave down here.
We had an old Pottery Barn desk that wasn't getting use, so I moved it down here for my studio.
It's OK, but my 153 has a tiny snap on sewing surface. 
It's not ideal, especially since I'm so spoiled up north.
I shopped around for cabinets when I got here...the best price I found was around $600.
Yikes!  That's more than I wanted yo spend IN TOTAL on tools down here. 
And, I really don't need 2 cabinets, for Pete's Sake!
What will I do with it when we finally move here for good?
I needed another option....I decided to give the SewSteady table a try.
It sits on the desktop and makes a flush sewing surface that's plenty big for most everything I do.
I can store my PurpleThang, ripper, snips and pins underneath and see them.
It also has some circle sewing thing....I'll have to figure that out someday.
And, I can take it with me to improve my sewing surface in classes. 
Cost - $100. - still expensive, but better. 
I have noticed it will take some getting used to as it seems to grip the fabric.
I'm used to a smoother feed, but it may be that I haven't added an Angler, which I always use.
Overall, I'm pretty happy with it.
I'd recommend one to anyone who has a machine that doesn't have a good snap on surface. 

Frannie was fine today...no limping or lethargy. 
I'm glad I left when I did yesterday. 
She is getting a spa treatment at Petsmart tomorrow.
As I type, she's getting her her beauty sleep in.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sunday Funday

Sunday Funday is something my kids say.
I have my finger on the pulse of youthfulness. 

First, let me state that I am still stuffed from my dinner last night!
I went with neighbors to Rockin Sushi, a new Thai/Sushi/Asian place right here in Gateway.
The waitress recommended the Lobster Roll, so I ordered it.
As you can see, the presentation was gorgeous.
It tasted even better than it looked...I ATE THE WHOLE THING, ALL BY MYSELF!

This morning, after my walk w/ Frannie, I went to WallyWorld for a staple gun and bike pump.
I also had new wipers put on the Camry...the rainy season is upon us and the wipers were BAD.

When I got home, I decided to give the dog beach a try again.
It was such a beautiful day, and low tide was mid afternoon. 
That crazy girl loves a car ride with the top down.
We stayed less than 30 minutes cause Frannie would not stop barking for me to throw the ball in the water.  I got scared that she was over doing it again, so we left.
I am nothing if not wimpy....but if you saw her last time, you wouldn't blame me. 
She sat in the front seat on the way home...she wasn't happy to be leaving.
A few pats on the head & she was over it.
I don't think it was a waste of time cause the salt water really helps her skin tags.
And, she REALLY LOVES IT there...it's her favorite. 
I love this girl so much...my best buddy.
When we got home, I fell asleep floating in my chair for a bit.
Our evening walk was beautiful.
There was a bit of rain nearby, and we got treated to a beautiful rainbow.
It was spectacular ... of course, I didn't have my phone to get a pic.
We also saw a FPL truck working on one of the power boxes.
I think some of the neighborhood is without power.
And the fountains aren't working in the pond....
I'd never seen the water so still...so dark with no lights on the water, too.
It came back on later...in time for our last walk.

I watched bits of the Tonys while I was sewing this evening.
Clint Eastwood seemed out of sorts...I hope he's not losing it.
That would be terrible.

I have nothing to show for my studio efforts today.
I was sorting through some UFOs and did a bit of finishing up of D9 blocks.
I'm hoping tomorrow I'll have something photo worthy.

Good night!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Back at it

"Listen to yourself & in the quietude you might hear the voice of God." 
                             Maya Angelou's final tweet

After a long walk with Frannie, some housework, the dreaded washing of the hair and a smoothie, it was only noon.
Mimi's gone....no one but lil old me.
It's a hot one...91 degrees for today's high.
I decided the best place to find my 'quietude' was the studio.
Have I mentioned how grateful I am to have a creative space above the ground?
With windows & natural light?
It's a dream come true for me. 
A while ago, (I'm not saying how long) I decided to give improvisational piecing a whirl.
Those young modern quilters made me want to shed the veil of order and cut up my fabric with no plan.
The whole no set plan thing was a scary prospect for me.
I'm not an over planner, but I do like some method to my madness. 
My fabric is a serious matter....not to be taken lightly. 
I blamed the stall in progress on the lack of order.
In hindsight, I think it was just my Quilters ADD kicking in again.
Today, I put the pedal to the metal and made all those bits into this top.
I'm deciding on borders....maybe tomorrow?
It might not be as wild as some Quilty improv, but it's about as crazy as I can get right now. 
I'm proud of me!

I'm off to dip my piggies in the pool and then out for some sushi with the neighbors. 

Hoping you've enjoyed your day...wherever you are.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Good-byes Suck

Mimi left today.
I've been mopey the last two days, I think this is why.
It's no secret that I love my sisters.
Don't get me wrong, I seriously dig my alone time down here. 
But sister time is better.
And Mimi is a laugher...laughing + sister time = of course I'm a bit blue.
We stayed in a lot...especially after the enclosure went up, just floating, reading, chillaxin & napping.
(That speck in the pool is Meem)
We hit the dog beach once, but Frannie was worn out after it, so we didn't return.
(those were a scary few days)
We spent a day on the beach in Naples. 
We went to Mucky Duck on Captiva...another yummy day.
That Suzi is so darn cute...just sayin!
We spent a day real estate browsing here in Gateway.
(Fingers crossed we can be winter neighbors)
We hit the big Gateway pool a couple of times.
We watched Wheel & Jeopardy almost every night.
We did some shopping...Meem got some Crocs sandals & a few summer dresses at Anthony's. 
I wanted to go to Oh My Gauze...but she wasn't feeling it on our Naples day.
Herb visited and we hit Fort Myers Brewing Company.
We went to the Boulevard Deli and shared the chicken nachos. 
And she watched Frannie while I went north for a long wedding weekend. 
I was so grateful for that.
Last night, we went out for a nice dinner...delish...I will surely return with Clive. 
I had a blue cheese martini...Shrimp & Scallops for me...Prime Rib for Meem.
Bananas Foster to share...OhMaGahd!
They had a nice duo playing classic top 40 tunes in the bar.
They sounded great...not too loud....and were entertaining to watch.
(Think Will Farrell/Ana Gasteyer SNL skits)
We enjoyed a spectacular sunset....SWFL sunsets can't be beat.

All this...and only TWO STINKIN PICS!
Well, 3 if you count the speck. 
Not surprising, since she hates having her picture taken.
Oh well, I have had 3 great weeks.
I shall try to focus on gratitude instead of being blue. 
Wish me luck!

Monday, June 2, 2014

A Trip North

I flew to NJ this weekend for a wedding.
These 2 are such a cute couple.
The wedding was beautiful.
It was the first Jewish wedding Phil & I gave attended.
A nice personal ceremony followed by lots of delish food and good liquor.
And mucho dancing...

We went to visit Phil's Aunt Jo, he hasn't seen her in ages. 
She's always been a sweet lady.

After that, we drove by the first house we bought, back in 1984!
It was old barracks housing during WW2 that is on the side of a mountain in Clifton.
It's a real nice, tree lined quiet neighborhood.
The current owners saw us outside and invited us in.
It was kinda surreal..so long ago.
I loved it....such memories.
I also got my first pedicure since the sewing machine incident.
I'm pretty sure something is broken in there......
Oh well, it's too late to do anything about now.
Here we are at the wedding with Kelly.
Our first born, our only daughter. 
We brought her home from the hospital to that Clifton home.
Where does the time go?