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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

an empty nest update.....

it's all good.

i'm heading to bu to move jimmy into his dorm tomorrow.

he's been gone just over 2 weeks.

not complaining~i'm looking at the bright side.

i have done a total of 5 loads of laundry since he left over 2 weeks ago. i used to do 10 loads a week, minimum.

my sleep is undisturbed, no more 2AM arrivals.

there is room in the fridge for my food since we no longer need to stock milk 2-3 gallons deep

the brita is full when i want cold water.

no dirty dishes in the sink.

no crumbs in front of the couch in the family room.

not a single clogged toilet.

no tripping over sneakers in the mud room.

i can lie in bed & know i will not be jumped on and tickled til i scream.

my eyes are not watering from smelly farts.
(but i do miss the mischevious laugh that accompanied the fart)

he calls and checks in every night.

i have already seen him twice since he left.

and he looks great.

once i even got to talk to him and take him to dinner.

he's so happy.

i admit, i miss his sense of humor and his company.

& i feel so bad for frannie.

but i'm so happy for him.

and proud.

in a pinch - i can go and lie on his t-shirt quilt.

it's really not so bad.



Monday, August 20, 2012

who? me? a blogger?

well, it's my first ever post.
i've decided to give the blogging thing a go since i am a new empty nester.

perhaps you wonder how i came up with the name of my blog?

i've been quilting for many years, first hand quilting and now by machine.

many years ago my son, who was in first grade at the time, was waiting for me at school.
i was running late.
he was worried i wouldn't make the field trip i was supposed to attend with him.
one of his teachers told him he needed to get on the bus.
he said, 'what about my mom?  she's not here yet.'
she said, 'don't worry, i'll make sure to tell her how to find you when she gets here.'
he said, in all seriousness,
'miss miller, do you know my mom?  she has eyes like me and hair like me.  and she's the one with threads on her clothes.'
when i arrived, she was still hysterical.
and i did have a thread stuck to my pants!

so, now you know how i became the one with threads on her clothes.

a shot of my peeps...