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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Good Things

.Good things are happening. 
I finally assembled this...
I'll quilt it in NY and give it to a special grad. 
Hopefully I'll remember to post finished pictures.

And this is already quilted and bound for another special grad.

Watery blue & green batiks...Yummo!
This grad is an overachiever...I hope this quilt will always remind her to take time for herself. 

Of course, with the good, there's always a dibble of bad.
While binding this beauty, this happened. 
Yep...less than 2 inches left and my bobbin runs out. 
Just a reminder of why I need a binding fairy. 
Oh well, at least it's done. 


Sunday, May 29, 2016

Painting Silk with Deb Crine

Have I mentioned I've been studying color?
And have been curious about making/dying my own fabric?
Well, I have. 
And there is a local color/quilt artist down here who's been holding classes on painting silk for quilts or scarves or anything you want to do with it. 
I've wanted to take her class, but I've always been busy on the days she holds them. 
Until yesterday. 
Here's what I made.
Not bad for a first try. 
I loved the process. 
I learned a lot. 
I will quilt the snot out of it and hang it in the studio. 

Deb and her daughter Courtney are just lovely people.
I'm hoping to take her intermediate class next week.

Being a bit blue that my sister & Terry left....this was a perfect remedy.



I had visitors for the DWTS finale. 
These are my texting friends for the show. 
We may look a bit strange here, but we're not. 
Only I am strange. 
These 2 were victims. 
And good sports. 
We had a great time until Nyles won. 
That was a travesty. 
Paige was SO MUCH BETTER. 
And not arrogant. 
Thankfully by the time the winner was announced, I was in the bag. 
We are going to continue the texting for Americas Got Talent. 
I love Nick Cannon. 

While they were here, I got my hairs did. 
I found a great colorist down here...FINALLY. 
Raquel is as good as Aurelia. 
I'm set for hair color. 

We did a lot of card playing.
And drinking.
And floating. 
And eating. 
I needed the company more than I realized. 
Twas fun!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Trip Around the World Quilts

I may or may not have overbought fabric for my Nugget's quilts. 
So, I made a couple of baby trips...
I mean, what else could I do?
Who doesn't love a trip around the world?
Quick to piece, fun to make and cute as can be!

One is a giftie for a Florida grandma to be. 

Hope she likes it. 

The other will live here and wait for my Nugget to visit. 
They are slightly different....Mimi & Terry helped me choose which to gift. 
Only the giftie is bound....
Where is that bloody binding fairy anyway?

Flamingo backing....be still my heart. 
Have I ever shared my love a tastefully tacky flamingos?
This is Philomena.
She lives on my lanai. 
But, I digress. 
As usual.

Kindness, folks!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

My Nugget

It appears that she is happy
And perfectly fabulous. 
That is all.

Keep kindness. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Beach day

Frannie lost her brother last week. 
We will miss our big, yellow Bus.
I swear she knew it..but that's a different story. 
A story no one would believe, so I'll keep it to myself. 

This makes my girl the last of the puppies I found homes for all those years ago.
I appreciate this girl so much, she's my bestie. 
So, for Mothers Day, we went to the beach. 
We stayed all day (2:30-8:30)
We swam together, walked and chilled. 
She's a bit slow, but that's ok. 
So am I. 
We had a great day. 
Here are a few pics....
How I love this beautiful dog.
Her heart is huge.
Especially for me. 

After our swim. 
I love how she digs herself a hole to lie in.
More rest..after all, we're seniors. 
She's the only member of my family that will happily vegetate on the beach with me. 
The sunset was perfection...
Of course it was...our Bussie sent it to us. 

What would I do without her?
I love my Choochie.

Sunday, May 1, 2016


In October, I ran into my old friend Gaily in Houston. 
She came to visit me this weekend!
It was really fun. 
I want to go visit her in Las Cruces.
I've never been there.
The moment I picked her up, it was like we were still living in A2.
We gabbed incessantly, drank lotsa wine, shopped a lot, did some quilt planning and Gail even took Lolita for a spin. 
She's a natural!
She made this flimsy in a scrap class and brought it along to try the longarm. 
She needed room in her suitcase for purchases so she left this quilt with me 
After I bind it, I will bring it north for Murray's Honor Flight quilt effort. 

We were so busy catching up, solving world problems and just having fun, I forgot to take more pictures. 
I took Gail to the airport this morning. 
Twas fun!