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Thursday, June 27, 2013


I leave for Vermont tomorrow. 
As in, the Vermont Quilt Fest. 
Yes, the same Vermont Quilt Fest I have been longing to attend since moving to CNY.
There was always a conflict...soccer, work, company, vacation. 
And, it turns out there is a conflict this year, too.
Mr & Mrs Gallo have a wedding up this way so they will be coming to stay at our house. 
Murray & I are going anyway.
We would hardly see them, and its good for the kids to hang together without the rents.  

The real reason we are going...Murray has a golf date (actually 3!) with my BIL, Bruce. 
It's all about golf.
I've expressed my opinion of golf in a previous post. 
But, it's working for me this weekend!

My sister, Patty, is going to travel with me to Burlington for the show. 
I can hardly believe I'm finally going to get there. 
I hope to take lots of pics and do some research on computer systems for Lola-baby!
And, most important, peruse the best quilts around, see some quilty friends while surrounded by quilty goodness!
Oh, I'm feeling quilty, all right!

Frannie will be traveling with us. 
As you can see, the poor thing is so abused. 
I think she needs a weekend in the fresh air of the Green Mountain state. 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ann's quilt

Ann let me quilt this happy flimsy...
I swirled it, to keep with the happy theme. 
I've just put it in the mail to her this afternoon. 
The color is off in this pic...it was raining this morning and I packed it up before the sun came out. 
So, I photographed it inside.
In person, it's even cuter...I love it.
I'm a purple person. 
I love her backing choice, too. 
It was the 2 nd time I've quilted a sheet that wasn't practice. 
Lola doesn't mind it one bit. 
Thanks Ann!
I hope you like it!

Stress quilt

How to survive your daughters wedding without becoming an alcoholic!

A big thank you to Kristina for the challenge that kept me sane!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Feeling grateful

After a week in the beautiful Bahamas with almost all of my family sharing Kelly's wedding day, re entry into reality wasn't easy. 
I was tired...and feverish. 
And stressed. 
And very tired. 
Did I mention tired?
But, after a quiet weekend with Murray and a good workout this morning, I'm seeing clearly again. 
As I sit on my patio, drinking my yummy Weight Watcher strawberry coconut smoothie, the sun is shining, birds are singing and the air is so fresh after last nights rain. 
I look around me, beautiful roses...
lush landscape
Yup, I live in a beautiful place. 
I have a good marriage, 
Great kids, 4 of them counting my newly added son in law, 5 this time next year with my future daughter in law...
I'm close to my 3 sisters and brother, all of whom made the long trip to be with us.
How awesome are they?
We were even treated to my nephew and his gorgeous family.
On top of all this.....
We're all pretty healthy.
Although sometimes it seems overwhelming...
 life is good!
I am blessed. 
Now, I've got to get busy again. 
Lots of catching up still to do.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hopetown, Bahamas

I just returned from my Tootsie's wedding in Hopetown, Bahamas.
My 2 boys walked me down the beach.
 And we flew in the cuteness from Texas.
 Although there were lots of challenges, the day turned out to be perfect and a good time was had by all.

My Kelly was the most beautiful bride i have ever seen.
Her happiness warmed my heart.

i appreciate your comments....

Friday, June 7, 2013

Wedding week

*Gulp 😳
Wedding week is upon us.
I can hardly believe it's here. 
I've been so busy packing and preparing these last few weeks. 
And wringing my hands and worrying. 😓
Can't forget about the worrying I've done. 
I want Kelly & Jeff's big day to be everything they have dreamed of.
I want everyone to arrive safely and enjoy themselves. 
I want my house sitter to refrain from having a major rager while I'm gone. 😱

Soon my baby girl, my first born, the one and only Toots, will be Mrs. Gallo. 
*sniff *sniff 😧

Jeff is a lucky guy. 
She's a beauty, with so many talents and lotsa love to give. 
And she's lucky, too. 
He's patient and kind and loves her to death. 
They are well suited. 
I'm grateful they have found each other. 😍

Tootsie and her daddy.
I think this was taken last month. 
Wasn't it 1985 about a month ago? 😟

But, really, we all know Jeff's getting the best deal of anyone.
He will have me for a mother-in-law!
*grin 😜

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A view from underneath

Light backings create such a cool look when being quilted. 
It looks like stained glass window!

Taking quilty precautions

This morning, the plumber was here. 
One of the spigots outside was leaking. 
Thankfully, I caught it early. 
Otherwise, there would have been quite the flood in the basement. 

When he was here, he also checked the other one. 
It's fine, but it's right over the fabric in my studio. 

Uh oh!
Not good. 

As soon as he left, I went down and did some rearranging. 
Much better...
I think I even have a bit more room this way. 

And, the view from my Bernina is much more colorful now!
  Not exactly what I had planned to do 3 days before leaving for the wedding. 
But, a gal's gotta do what a gal's gotta do!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

A sad ending

Today was Jimmy's last competitive soccer game. 
He returned to his club team for one last state cup tournament. 
I had my doubts about this. 
I was right. 
Today's game ended in a disgusting display of unsportsmanlike conduct. 

After 2 rain delays, play was getting chippy. 
The opposing team was outmatched by far. 
We were winning the match. 
A dirty foul...
A verbal argument...
Much cussing...
Talk of fighting...
A player from our team ejected. 
The coach of the other team ejected. 

A win for us, by forfeit. 

Such a sad way for Jimmy to end such a big part of his childhood. 
Thankfully, he was out of the game and not involved in the mayhem. 
Soccer can be a beautiful game when fitness and agility are combined with gentlemanly good sportsmanship. 
How could this man set such a poor example for our young men?
Young men who, as boys, looked up to him. 
I have lost respect for someone whose dedication to kids I had admired

Truly, one of the most disappointing outcomes I have witnessed. 

Saturday, June 1, 2013


I have no idea why, but I'm claiming my blog on Bloglovin. 

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