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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I'm still alive

'Save some time to dream,
 Save some time for yourself,
 Don't let you time slip away, 
 Or be stolen by somebody else.'  J.M.

Can you tell I've been waiting on repairmen & deliveries a lot lately?

I have to admit I've been lazy in my creating.
I've been here over a month...and all I have to show is....
A BQ4 flimsy...in my defense, it's a whopper.
A pile of squaring up shreds...
And a basket ready for assembly tonight at Melissa's sew in.
This is for a block swap for the Quilt Lovers Hangout Girls Night Out.

I have several 'underway' projects that I could've photographed, but I'll wait til they look like something.
I think 'underway' is much more pleasant than saying UFO.
'Unfinished' is such an ugly word, don't you agree?

Monday, February 17, 2014


Ozzie takes his sleepovers literally.

I didn't get a screen shot of him napping by the fire...it's the only time I saw him out of the chair.
When he's tired, his tongue hangs out of his mouth.
He's just hilarious!

Since I'm this over the moon about my grand dog, it's likely I'll need medication if a grandchild comes along!

Friday, February 14, 2014

VDay with Frannie

There's a dog beach in Lovers Key.
I've been wanting to take Frannie there.
But she can be bitchy.
And she is old.
Since today was already somewhat ruined by Murray's absence, I decided to try it.
After all, what did I have to lose?
We set off before lunch.
A pee, immediately upon arrival.
Some exploring.
A dip....
She couldn't have had more fun.
Running with a younger crowd.
Making friends.
She was fetching like a pup!
Other owners were playing fetch...Frannie was leaping & jumping & beating those younger dogs to the ball.
I still can't believe what a social butterfly she was at the dog beach!
We stopped in Fort Myers Beach for a walk on the way home.
Dogs are allowed, but need a leash. 
She didn't mind.
We found a starfish on our walk. 
It was still alive so I threw it back. 
That's the 3rd live starfish I've saved. 
I hope I find one I can keep someday.
Then we sat in the sun for a bit.
I do believe Frannie is a beach bum!
Who wouldn't love it here?
We're home now...and she's pooped.
She was snoring so loud in the backseat of the car, I heard her over the open windows!
I'm so glad to know I have an always available beach buddy.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine's Day

My Valentine was supposed to arrive tonight.
Mother Nature had other ideas.
The entire east coast is experiencing a blizzard.
Flights are canceled and rebooking is impossible.

The weather here is delicious...although I think it's the only nice weather in the USA.
Well, it's probably nice in SoCal...it's always nice there.

My world is making me feel blessed with temps in the mid 60s with lotsa sunshine.
It is going into the 40s tonight.
Good thing I've got quilts coming out my a$$.
I guess I can't complain....
I've got my furry, four legged Valentine.
I love that nutty dog.
I think we will go to the dog beach tomorrow for VDay.
I may even pack her some turkey for a treat.

My furry, two legged Valentine will be here in 2 weeks.
It will be good to see him.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Another Botany Post

Marmalade...I love the Moda fabric line with this name.

It turns out Marmalade is a part of the name of my new orchid.

Ok...I have no idea why that font is bigger...oh well.
To continue....
I love orchids, but have never had one.
My sister gave me this orchid as a housewarmimg giftie.
She named her Kathleen Jane, after one of our sisters.
I researched and found that her fancy, scientific, genus, horticulturalist name is ascda crownfox delicious marmalade.
It's a mouthful, for sure!
She's a vanda orchid, which makes me nervous.
The more I read about this type, I learn they are quite difficult to grow.
Whatever you call it, it's one gorgeous orchid.
I have it hanging high up in the shade of my cypress tree out front.
(I think it's a cypress tree, anyway)
I hope she's happy there.
When I went out to photograph her, I startled this bird.
(A bit of an ISpy moment, but he's there if you look)
I noticed that birdie had moved one of Kathleen Janes roots over so it was resting on the tree trunk.
I'm not sure if this was on purpose, or by accident.
I've been searching the net and can't find anything like this about birds and orchids.
I have learned a lot, though.
One of my Quilty friends from the sit & sew is well versed in flowers. 
Actually, she grew up in CNY & learned a lot of her craft at a florist I'm familiar with back home. 
Between her input and my Internet searching, I've learned these orchids don't like direct sunlight and like to get their moisture from the dew of the plants the live on.
They only bloom once a year, too.
It's roots are exposed...you can see them hanging down in the picture.
If she starts to look stressed, I'm going to try some moss in the crook of the tree.
I'll place her roots in the moss...this was suggested as a planting method on several sites.
I wonder if this is what birdie was trying to do?
I've sprayed the tree above her with a bit of water, but not too much.
(Rain is expected in the next 24...I'm sure she'll love that)
I'm hoping my spraying will simulate the dewy life she craves during the dry spells.
Yesterday, on my bike ride, I saw some moss lying on the sidewalk.
It had fallen out of the mature trees along the boulevard. 
I scooped it up & placed it in the crook of the tree...I'm ready, just in case she starts to fade.

Wish me and Kathleen Jane luck...
I'll feel terrible if she doesn't make it. 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Flowering Florida

I get inspiration from lots of things...
If I had to pick my fave source, it's definitely nature. 
I just can hardly believe what beautiful things happen outside everyday without anyone's help.
I especially love all kinds of colorful flowers.
One of my favorite exotic flowers is Bird of Paradise.
Over the years, I've received them as gifts in arrangements.
I was always so sad when the flowers would die and I would have to throw them away.
If I'd have know how cool they look after they dry up, I would've saved them!
We have a bird of paradise bush in front of our house that's 5 feet tall.
It's always loaded with blooms...it's actually one of the reasons I chose this place.
Just look at this awesome specimen.
It looks more like a bird now than it did in full bloom.
It makes me laugh every time I see it.
Unkempt and disheveled hair and that long beak...it's like a cartoon character.
I'm really enjoying learning about the different flowers down here. 
Next up, my new orchid.

Friday, February 7, 2014


I know....I've been a bad blogger.
In my defense, I've had my sister here with me.
We shopped, discussed decor, over ate, floated & had a nice relaxing visit.
We even got to play liver when neighboring sister (who shall be referred to as NS going forward) visited. 
We attended NS's Superbowl party in her neck of the woods.
I got these 2 friends on an art walk while up her way.
Dos pelicanos.
I'm considering names....stay tuned.

Murray made a brief appearance, too.
He played some golf & tried to relax.
It's hard to be Murray.
Especially in a house that needs a lot of attention with a b****y wife (me).

Everyone is gone now.
It's just me and the Chooch again.
& our 2 nameless avian friends.
As you can clearly see, Frannie is the picture of enthusiasm.
I do think she misses the company...but this is the old girl's new normal.
I like to think she is just enjoying her retirement.

I'm already a bit lonesome.
I hit the studio for a bit of fun to cheer myself.
There was minimal sewing during the visits.
Please note the threads adorning my ham hock.
There are many more on my shirt and a few on the soles of my sock.
It does feel good to have threads on my clothes, again.

After a spin on my new bike, I hope to head back up to my happy spot.
I see a finished flimsie in my near future.