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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Labor Day Weekend Quilts

I've been working on this since returning from FL. 
I have had lots of distractions, so I've not gotten very far. 
And peakies & spikes are tedious. 
I decided I needed some instant gratification.
So I made myself a table runner today. 
It's nice, but I still am blue missing Avy. 
I had hoped for a visit with her this weekend. 
Looks like it's not happening. 

Soon I will be cheered up, tho. 
Murray & I are going to the fair tonight. 
And tomorrow to Binghamton to see Baby Boy. 
We are going to play golf at Bing CC. 
Well, they will play. 
I will ride along and enjoy the sights. 

Be Kind...

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