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Sunday, September 11, 2016

34 Years

9/11 is kinda a crappy anniversary day - celebrating feels wrong after the WTC tragedy. 
Today marks 34 years of Murray & me. 
(he snapped this last week at the Daughtry concert)
Murray is kind and generous. 
I'm a lucky girl. 
We're just laying low today. 
Golf this morning and it's the start of football season.
He has now taken his spot in his chair with the remote at his side. 
My cup runneth over.  (read sarcasm)

It's also grandparents day. 
And it's our first anniversary as grandparents. 
Speaking of my favorite little person...
Yesterday, we had a couple of hours with our Nugget. 
She changed so much in 2 weeks!
(still teensy teeny tiny but she LOVES to eat)
She looks noticeably bigger and is blabbering on and on now. 
Quite a change from the serious, quiet peanut she was 2 weeks ago. 
I think it's the babysitter situation bringing her out of her shell.
The sitter has a 1 1/2 YO granddaughter named Ava. 
She sounds adorable, and clearly It agrees with Nugget. 
I can't explain what happens to my heart when I'm with her. 

Labor Day golf in Binghamton was fun. 
We went to the Colonial after golf for dinner. 
It's always fun to be with Jimmy. 
He's so entertaining. 

Not too much studio time cause of nice weather & lack of motivation. 
I've worked a bit more on my collaboration with Gail.
Here's what that looks like. 
Im about halfway done with my portion of the piecing. 
I thought I was going to hate the piecing, but it's a nice departure from my norm. 
I think I'll make another of this pattern, only scrappier, for one of the guest rooms. 

I think that's all I've got for now. 

Be kind!


  1. I thought of you on your anniversary. Mine is the day before yours. Although I only have 33 years of wedded bliss. Your Nugget is adorable. My Girl just left but I will see her again soon. Becky has a new house and I will be in Colorado for a week to help with the move. Soon I will be "snowbirding" like you. I hope your trip was uneventful. I know you don't like the driving as I do. I am working diligently on my "half" of the quilt. It looks great!!

  2. Can't wait to see it!
    Safe travels.


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