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Saturday, September 17, 2016


I'm done collaborating for now. 
Here's my efforts all ready to mail off to Gaily. 
53 blocks, I got carried away and made too many. 
Of course I did. 
Here's what it looked like on my design wall. 
This quilt is going to huge. 
Gail will add hers to the pot and then we'll go from there. 
She will assemble it and I will quilt it. 

We're having some serious basement work next week. 
I'm glad these will be out of the house for that fiasco.
The dust will be monumental. 
I'm figuring out how to protect my precious stash. 
And my machines. 
We need to move. 

Last night we went downtown to Festa Italiano.
It was a beautiful night. 
Primetime Horns were playing.
This was the band at John & Jenns wedding. 
The lead singer was Jimmys gym teacher. 
They're very good. 
Twas fun. 

Be kind!

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