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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Inktense Pencils

Well, I've started yet another crazy thing. 
Im going to try my hand at painting fabric with Inktense pencils. 
I've got the zany idea of graffiti quilting on PFD fabric and then inking it. 
Tonight I made a sample piece. 
You can't tell the color by looking at the pencil. 
It needs the fixative to come to life. 
So, I spent the evening learning the colors. 
This took me 2+ hours. 
I also have Inktense Blocks. 
I suppose I'll have to make a sample piece with those, too. 
I need to get a life!

Here's the SLOW progress I've made on my collaboration quilt. 
The shoo fly blocks are easy to piece, but those 54/40s are a bear.
It's worth it, tho.
The quilt has great movement. 

Little Grace Vanderwahl won Americas Got Talent. 
She's only 12. 
She's very talented, and if Lincoln Bridge couldn't win, then I'm glad it was Grace. 

I worked at Francis House today. 
One of the residents, Harriet, is turning 100 tomorrow. 
She's been with us a long time. 
I hope to get up there again to wish her a beautiful day. 

I'm rambling, must be time for bed. 

Be kind....

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